Nosago Offers People The Ability To Offer Their Opinions And Advice For Proposed New Government Poli

Nosago offers a new service, based on Web 2.0 technology, called Crowd Sourcing, giving people the ability to comment and offer advice on issues that affect them. Governmental organizations can tap into people’s expertise in a dedicated consultation with their constituents.

[UKPRwire, Sat Jun 06 2009] Nosago ( has introduced its online Crowd Sourcing forum with an initial seven issues and projects. Six are from UK government organizations, and one is a US local community project. Projects range from asking advice on changes to town and country planning, proposals on licensing of mobile homes and caravans, and a planning policy change to bring together all government planning policies relating to the economy.

Organizations, especially governmental, can now use Crowd Sourcing, also known as collective intelligence or wisdom of the masses, to find solutions for their issues, as well as to comment on policy changes.

Studies have shown that the collective intelligence and wisdom of many people will usually find the right answers to questions and projects put before them. Nosago brings a crowd to an issue, which will collectively analyze, add their expertise, innovate, find what works in their part of the world, and present back. This process will usually ensure the best solution, along with providing a consensus of the way forward.

“We have started the site with some interesting policy questions, ones that need people to contribute to.” said Dan Almour, Nosago Director. “Without people getting involved in these proposed policy changes and new directions, matters that might affect us will go through without our knowing or having some influence. Our forum allows our voices and opinions to be known, and to offer other directions if that is what our ‘Crowd’ suggests”.

Nosago uses online Virtual Project Boards to establish a project to present to their community. Information is added, people can comment, analyze, make recommendations, and present their opinions and expertise on each project. Nosago moderators manage the Crowd Sourcing process, and the end result is what the community has recommended as the best resolution.

Oftentimes, there are solutions in another part of the world that the organization has not thought of, which should come out during the process. Nosago has a community of people around the world, and is growing daily. All community members have an active interest in solving problems for government and non governmental organizations on their issues.

Nosago donates money to charity on behalf of each person that contributes to each project. We encourage people’s participation by allowing each person that contributes to a project to choose a charity we donate to, and at the end of the project, we pay in the name of the people that helped on the project.

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About Nosago
Founded in 2008, Nosago is dedicated to solving societal issues, for government and other organizations. We are one of the first companies using the crowd sourcing concept to bring solutions for issues that affect all of us. Our member community is world wide and growing every day; their collective intelligence can usually find the optimal recommendation to anything put before them.

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