Red Rhino’s micro crushers offer solution to increasing landfill tax costs in the construction indus

Government announces target to halve construction and demolition waste taken to landfill by 2012, leading to increased demand for small crushers as part of site waste management.

[UKPRwire, Fri Feb 22 2008] Red Rhino Crushers Ltd announces a large increase in demand for their innovative crushing equipment following the target to “halve the amount of construction, demolition and excavation wastes going to landfill by 2012” announced as part of the Government’s Waste Strategy for England, October 2007.

DEFRA estimates that one third of the 400 million tonnes of solid materials used in the UK construction industry ends up in landfill. One of the strategies employed by the Government to reduce this amount is the annual escalation of landfill tax, expected to be £48/tonne for inert waste by 2010. This adds to the financial strain of maintaining profit margins, especially for the small construction business. Onsite recycling of building waste seems to be a perfect solution to the problem, and the increasing demand for compact jaw crushers provided by Red Rhino Crushers Ltd seems to reflect the fact that the UK building industry is now waking up to that fact.

“Our compact crushers offer not only an environmental benefit, but also a financial one,” enthuses Ben Latham, Key Accounts Director at Red Rhino Crushers Ltd. “If you take into consideration the logistical costs of removing waste on top of the landfill tax, it soon adds up. Using one of our mini crushers to recycle building waste into secondary aggregate removes those costs instantly, and can even bring in a new source of income if the excess recycled aggregate produced is sold on. Every hour a crusher is used,” Ben continues, “up to 3 skip loads of material are saved from landfill, a fact that won’t only save the construction company’s profits, but also the rapidly dwindling space in UK landfill sites.”

Red Rhino Crushers Ltd is committed to environmental initiatives to reduce waste in the construction industry and promote the use of sustainable aggregates. Red Rhino’s innovative crushing equipment is at the forefront of a growing movement to reduce the environmental damage caused by the mining and delivery of new aggregates, and paying to send building waste to landfill. The company is proud of its environmental credentials and won the 2007 Green Apple gold award, SED award for excellence in recycling, and runners up in the 2007 Manufacturing Excellence Awards.

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