The Car Party now has 3524 Members

The Car Party now has 3524 members in the Uk and will be in a position to contest elections during 2007/8 onwardds in the UK.

[UKPRwire, Fri Dec 29 2006] On the 6th November 2oo6 a new political party in support of the motorist in the UK was formed. Initially with a basic web site and five members from an ordinary terraced house in Shropshire with a very small budget, the sole aim of the Car Party was to take on the growing anti car lobby in the UK.

From Transport 2000 supported by the Bus and Train companies to the Alliance Against Urban 4 x 4ís that obviously has sponsorship the strength of the anti car lobby has been growing in number and voice here in the UK. Mainstream political parties are now taking the Friends Of The Earth and The Green Party seriously, if only as an excuse to raise revenue under the umbrella of Global Warming. The Liberal Democrats are eager to raise road tax to a ridiculous level, the Labour Party and the Conservative Party all support raising extra revenue from the motorist by way of road pricing.

The Association of British Drivers has been lobbying without effect for 20 years.
The AA And RAC has both shown that they are not interested in going against central Government or the policy of road pricing. A breed of minor lobby party exists which campaign against speed cameras and tolls but without effect. Currently a petition on the Governments Downing Street website offers little more than a small voice against road pricing, this will almost certainly be ignored.

The Car Party now has 3524 members and will soon be in a position with itís growing support to have candidates for election in the UK you can be assured that this will be taken seriously. The Animal Rights Party with 200 members made the newspapers and television news, yet to date the Car Party has been invited to two radio interviews and had a brief article in a local newspaper. The media will not and cannot keep the existence of the Car Party quiet forever. We are an Official Registered Political Party with the Electoral Commission and were enrolled with effect from the 12th December 2006, we will plan a major rally in the summer of 2008 against road pricing and high fuel duty to show the media that we exist and will fight for recognition.

The Governments Poll Tax for road users is ill founded and is unacceptable to the vast majority of motorists in the UK; we demand that we are listened to for the sake of our rapidly growing membership. Please e mail your friends about the car party and support us we alone can get votes against road pricing high taxes for the UK motorist that increase prices across the board and ruin our competitiveness in the world marketplace.

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