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Me Learning wins the exclusive contract to provide online CAF training for London’s 33 Boroughs

[UKPRwire, Tue Aug 04 2009] Me Learning, a specialist provider of social care training, today announced it has signed a contract to provide online training for Integrated Working Without Boundaries: the London Common Assessment Framework (CAF) Protocol. The protocol was developed by the Government Office for London and Capital Ambition in partnership with London’s 33 local authorities. It outlines common processes, to be adopted by practitioners across London, for the integrated use of the CAF and helps support the early identification of children and young people with additional needs.
The pan-London CAF protocol, planned to go live in September 2009, will set out the relative roles and responsibilities of agencies directly involved in the care of children and young people, such as health workers and school teachers, using a common framework. The protocol aims to provide consistency across London’s 33 boroughs and allow for the appropriate sharing of information when necessary.
The London Common Assessment Framework Protocol will build on the existing work local authorities have undertaken since the CAF procedure became mandatory for all agencies involved with children in 2008. Implementing common processes around the CAF is particularly important in London due to the fact that the city’s 33 local authorities are packed tightly together often sharing a number of boundaries – a proximity that leads many of London’s children, young people and families to access services in more than one borough. As a result, effective interagency working and the efficient, consistent use of the CAF, both highlighted in Lord Laming’s 2009 report, are issues of paramount importance in the capital.
Access to Me Learning’s online course, which will support the protocol, will be available at: Users will be able to self enrol and training managers will be able to track the progress of users within their local borough. Once a user has passed the course they will be emailed a certificate as proof of completion. Me Learning’s course should take two hours to complete and will consist of interactive tutorials, scenarios, learning games and a certification quiz, which only becomes active after all the course content is successfully completed. By the end of the course, users will understand what the protocol is and the benefits it brings to both practitioners and users. The course is intended for use by any practitioner, operational manager, or agency that supports a child or young person through a common assessment involving cross-borough working.
Me Learning was selected to deliver the Pan-London E-CAF following a competitive tender process, in which they impressed the Government Office for London with their in-depth understanding of the importance of the CAF and its potential impact in London.
Nick Richards, Director of Me Learning, said: “We are delighted to be working with the Government Office for London in supporting this exciting initiative with our online training solution. Integrated working between boroughs will ensure children and young people’s needs are put at the very heart of London’s social care programme. It is often the case in London that a child may live in a different borough to where their school or GP is located. Integrated working across London will ensure that in these circumstances all agencies are working together in identifying those children at risk, meeting their additional needs and ultimately improving their lives.”

About Government Office for London (GOL)
The Government Office for London represents central government across the capital, delivering policies and programmes for twelve central government departments and making London’s case in Whitehall.
The Government Office plays an important role in London, delivering the Government’s policies on areas including leading the negotiation of 33 Local Area Agreements, ensuring the delivery of the Every Child Matters agenda, and delivering policies on crime reduction, reducing drug misuse, planning and neighbourhood renewal. Our London Resilience Team, set up after the 9/11 attacks, is working to make sure London is prepared for any emergency.
GOL’s Children and Learners Division is the Department for Children Schools and Families' team in London. It supports the implementation of Every Child Matters: Change for Children in the capital and has a particular role in supporting pan-London collaboration.
For further details on GOL’s work regarding the London CAF Protocol, please visit
About Me Learning
Me Learning provides Local Authorities with online training tools to ensure all professionals involved in social care are fully informed, working together and following the latest national guidelines, protocols and legislation. Me Learning’s government-compliant and engaging computer-based courses cut through the ever-changing red tape, providing an all encompassing future-proof resource to help social care professionals continue to carry out their roles effectively and cooperatively.
The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for both children and adults with additional needs. Lord Laming conducted the Climbié inquiry in 2003 to investigate the circumstances leading to the death of Victoria Climbié and to recommend action to prevent such a tragedy happening again. However, in April 2008 Lord Laming commented: “I have yet to be convinced there is uniformly good practice across the country.” Furthermore, government regulator the General Social Care Council (GSCC) has suggested social workers need further training post-qualification to deal with an increasing number of “complex and risky” cases such as Baby P, for which they needed greater expertise.
Me Learning provides both off-the-shelf and tailored courses covering key elements of the Government’s ‘Every Child Matters: Change for Children’ programme run by the DCSF (Department for Children, Schools and Families). It is the only provider of online training courses for two of the leading ICS (Integrated Children’s System) software suppliers: OLM and Liquidlogic. 20% of the UK’s Local Authorities that have a social care responsibility are already using Me Learning’s cost-efficient courses, ranging from Essex County Council’s purchase of the MePROTOCOL ICS suite for its own ICS roll-out to over 1,200 staff, to Manchester City Council’s purchase of Me Learning’s Information Sharing and ContactPoint courses to train 3000 people on the ‘Every Child Matters: Change for Children’ programme.
More information can be found at or by calling us on 01273 455 194.

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