The Woking branch of UKIP today laid the blame for massive rail fare rises at the feat of the Government, and in particular the Mayor Of London.

[UKPRwire, Fri Jan 05 2007] The UK Independence Party today laid the blame for big hikes in train ticket prices at the door of the Labour Government. A spokesman for the party made this statement, after Woking commuters were told they would have to pay an extra 32 a year for their tickets.

"Ken Livingstone has made driving a car prohibitably expensive now. He has effectively driven the working class off the roads, making it a luxury available only for the rich. His incredibly inefficient congestion charge, combined with sky high parking charges and massively overtaxed fuel costs, means only the rich can really afford to travel into London by car now, at least on a regular basis.

The train companies know this and therefore know people have no choice but to use the trains. If driving the poor onto trains to cut cogenstion was the idea, then shouldn't the Mayor and government overall be putting in measures to at least keep the prices down there?

Of course there is LibLabCon-sensus that people should be taxed into doing what they belive is right, rather than allowing the market to dictate, with hardly any return of this tax to provide other alternatives. None of the old EU driven parties believe in freedom of the individual or fairness, it's time this consensus was broken. Why is the taxpayer always the net loser with anything these three parties come up with?"

UKIP have been against the congestion charge from it's inception. The party believes the government, backed by the so called opposition parties, are introducing ever more draconian, freedom busting measures to control the people. It also believes the consensus parties slavish adherance to the EU policy of mass, uncontrolled immigration is making many of Britains towns struggle to cope with demand on all services. It questions why the government elected to represent the British people, seems hell bent on making their lives worse, in a bid to please their EU masters.


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