UKIP is the only party truly fighting the tax on jobs

Published: Thu Mar 01 2012

The controversial Ďtax on jobsí in Nottinghamshire could result in companies closing down Ė thatís the fear of UKIP county council candidate Lee Waters.

The 31-year-old candidate for Nottinghamshire County Councilís Chilwell and Toton Division, is concerned the Working Party Levy, WPL, will lead to job losses as businesses close their doors or re-locate.

As the battle ground hots up before the election on Thursday, March 15, school governor Mr Waters was backed by Nottinghamshire MEP Derek Clark.

He said: "Reports show the Nottingham Work Place Parking Levy is to be increased to nearly £300 a year Ė the idea is rotten. Never mind the vast fee.

"Itís about time we asked the big companies in particular whether they are going to pass this charge on to their employees or will the company itself take the hit.

"Lee Waters is an excellent candidate and only he can be trusted to fight this issue."

Mr Clark reminded voters that although the local Nottinghamshire MP was also now objecting to the levy, it was the Conservatives lack of action on the plans since 2010 which had led to the situation Nottinghamshire workers now face.
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