United States Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of International Trade Administration, U.S

From: WGES Executive Council
Published: Thu Jul 14 2011

The United States Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration, U.S. Export Assistance Center will be joining other private and public sector entities as participating agency partners of The USA hosted 2011 World Green Energy Symposium (2011 WGES).

The 2011 World Green Energy Symposium agenda has been expanded to include answers on how and where to best export U.S. made energy products to grow your business opportunities as well as session on job opportunities in the new energy field. Businesses, scientists, universities, government agencies, nonprofit organizations will showcase innovations, new technologies, products, services as well as information on contracting/job opportunities in the exhibit hall throughout the event.

With this agenda topic in mind, The Secretary of Commerce is an invited keynote speaker of the 2011 WGES. Secretary Locke has been the U.S. Government’s point of contact for Exports in support of several million American jobs.

Secretary Locke was recently named U.S. Ambassador to China. In this new position, Locke will continue in the field of promoting U.S. business exports in new energy and it is anticipated his talk will focus on critical information and updates in the export opportunities for US companies in new energy.

The mission of the World Green Energy Symposium is to provide a platform of education, networking, and information exchange with a focus on new, alternative and clean energy technology, research, products & services along with updates on policy, lending, contract and job opportunities. The World Green Energy Symposium is held in the United States of America.

Global companies are invited along with US based companies to participate in the WGES. Federal and other Government Agencies also partner and participate. At the Symposium energy tax incentives, new policies and other updates are unveiled, feedback and ideas are exchanged from an engaged knowledgeable audience. Case Studies are presented by THE TOP LEADERS AND EXPERTS in industry, government and education to the audience while EXHIBITORS showcase the latest and greatest innovations, products & services in the industry.

It is a B2B, G2G and B2G opportunity with US and Global companies exhibiting alongside organizations and government agencies as well as institutions of higher learning, innovators, researchers, engineers, government personnel and contractors, and scientists. The WGES sends a message to the world by its ability to bring together a large number of multi-disciplined audience. USA businesses and agencies and those who partner with them across the globe are knowledgeable and committed to this information exchange leading to best practice and successful implementation in this field.

The World Green Energy Symposium has received numerous accolades and has made global news articles as The premier event of its kind in the USA. In a recent article titled 10 Ten Reasons Why Philadelphia Is Considered a Global Clean Tech City, the very fact the World Green Energy Symposium has been hosted in the City of Philadelphia became one of the top 10 reasons for the Philadelphia list. The 2011 World Green Energy Symposium will be held October 19-21, 2011, for more information visit www.worldgreenenergysymposium.us
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