A1 Bill Of Health for Super Clean Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

From: The Claremont Hospital
Published: Tue Oct 05 2010

Sheffield’s top private hospital, the Claremont Hospital, has revealed that its excellent cosmetic surgery clinic has received yet another clean bill of health after recent inspections. The Claremont, which sits proudly on the hills outside Sheffield, and has been treating and advising the inhabitants of that city on their health for more than 50 years, has, to date, never had a case of hospital occasioned MRSA. That’s an exemplary record and one of which the hospital is justly proud.

The Claremont Hospital offers a full range of treatments in its private cosmetic surgery clinic. All treatments, as befits a hospital with the kind of reputation the Claremont clearly has, are discussed from every angle before they are undertaken – here, it seems, the doctors and their assistants are as keen to get to the root of why someone wishes to take cosmetic surgery as they are to take the money for the surgery itself. The first order of service for all Claremont staff is the provision of detailed, accurate and completely unbiased information – information about the possible alternatives to surgery, as well as information about the surgery itself. Understandably, patients who do choose to go for a surgical procedure at the cosmetic surgery clinic here are uniformly happy with the service they receive: a service they obviously feel is as clean as the clinic itself.

With 50 years of successful private health provision already under its belt, the Claremont Hospital has learned a lot about caring for its community, its patients and its building. This latest recognition of decades of fine service is, of course, highly pleasing to staff and patients alike – but, in the eyes of the city, it’s only telling everyone something they already know. Claremont cares about everything it does – that’s why it has never had a case of MRSA. To know more on cosmetic surgery, visit http://www.claremont-hospital.com/page39/CosmeticSurgery.

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The Claremont Hospital operates, among other things, a private cosmetic surgery outside of Sheffield. With excellent service and advanced medical technology, Claremont is able to sustain its reputation for decades.


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