AMIRA Massage London Introduce London's First Professional Nuru Massage Treatment

From: AMIRA Massage London
Published: Fri Jun 22 2012

The acclaimed luxury massage company behind the world's first million pound massage, AMIRA Massage London, has just launched a brand new site redesign and with it London's first professional nuru massage package. Always looking to break new ground, AMIRA Massage London have spent years researching and developing the most sophisticated and refined erotic massage available in the world. That massage has finally arrived as their newest offering, the AMIRA Massage NURU ELITE, a cutting-edge epicurean experience only currently available in London.

The AMIRA Massage NURU ELITE is London's first commercially available professionally choreographed nuru massage. Massage outfits in Japan's Soapland have offered a nuru nuru massage for years, based around the unique properties of the nuru gel massage product. Slick and clear, nuru gel is an extremely slippery massage gel created from brown seaweed. AMIRA Massage London, known worldwide for their innovative range of luxury sensual massages, have developed an exclusive nuru massage routine for their new massage offering. Based on authentic Japanese nuru techniques and featuring other techniques exclusive to AMIRA Massage London, the AMIRA Massage NURU ELITE is sure to become London's most popular massage treatment. 

A spokesperson for AMIRA Massage London commented: "The secret to AMIRA Massage London's rapid rise to success as a luxury lifestyle brand is down to a number of factors, primarily our exceptionally high hiring standard and our constant strive to innovate in the field of contemporary luxury massage offerings. We are always working on developing new and dynamic concept massages, all with an underlying theme of luxury and sensuality. Our team of professional model masseuses is unsurpassed worldwide. We work with only the most naturally beautiful and talented sensual masseuses, and train them to excellence. Our discerning clientele have come to appreciate that each masseuse is as lovely and skilled as the next, never worrying about the lapse in quality of massage that can happen with careless companies. We take no chances and attend to every detail, from your first conversation with a professional AMIRA Concierge to the sophisticated bespoke sensual massage performed for you by a fully trained AMIRA Masseuse." 
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