A New breakthrough for women with thinning hair

From: Hair Replacement Clinic Ltd
Published: Fri Jun 08 2012

One in four women in the UK will suffer from alopecia and hair loss at any time.

If like NHS nurse Karen from Bradford, you are one of these women then a consultation and scalp analysis with hair loss expert Sean Baruch from the Hair Replacement Clinic could be a life changing experience.

Karen began losing her hair from the age of twenty and, after doctors told her there was nothing she could do to grow it back, she spent hundreds of pounds on dud treatments producing disappointing results.

After years of frustration, Karen made an appointment to see Sean Baruch at the Hair Replacement Clinic where she received a full scalp analysis to establish the root cause of her hair loss.

"When I met Karen, like many of my clients she had tried everything and felt our clinic was her last resort.
Her hair analysis indicated that Karen had lost thirty per cent of her hair and would benefit from a innovative volumiser system, which i was able to integrate into Karen's own hair to produce a thicker, fuller head of hair"

Unlike other hair loss treatments, the volumiser syatem meant that did not have to cut her or shave her existing hair to accomodate this and was able to enjoy her new look instantly. "Colleagues, clients and family have been very complimentary and i wish i had known about the clinic sooner. So many women don't prioritise themselves enough and a pain free treatment has truly changed my life. " I return to the clinic every 4-8 weeks to maintain the volumiser but it's like going to the hairdressers but more discreet and personal"

Karen was thrilled with the results: I couldn't believe the dramatic change to my hair following the volumiser system. I was finally proud of my appearance and my confidence rocketed."

Causes of hair loss can be attributed mainly to stress and also the side effects of medication or anything from genetic influence or nutritional problems, to hormonal imbalances, psychological trauma or previous illness.

The Hair Replacement Clinic, Leeds cater for male,female and children.

To book your FREE consultation and scalp analysis call the Hair Replacement Clinic on 0113 2553014 or book online and receive a discount www.hairreplacementclinic.co.uk
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