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Published: Mon Apr 27 2015

Home health care is often viewed as care specifically for the elderly. In reality, home care is ideal for a wide range of individuals with diverse needs. Best Home Care, a Minnesota home healthcare agency, supports caregivers assisting patients of all ages and needs.

The home care agency currently serves personal care assistants tending to:

* Seniors affected by physical limitations or diseases such as Alzheimer’s
* Children living with ADHD, autism, and other mental or behavioral disorders
* Persons of all ages with physical disabilities
* Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
* Individuals needing transitional care during a move or after a surgery
* And many more

In order to educate individuals with physical, mental, or behavioral disabilities and their families or caregivers on the broad benefits of home care, Best Home Care recently began a four-week blog series entitled "What Can Home Care Do For You?" This series focuses on how in-home supportive services can benefit individuals suffering from:

* Physical disabilities such as blindness or paraplegia
* Learning disorders such as ADHD or autism
* Mental illnesses such as anxiety or bipolar
* Medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, or multiple sclerosis

Each week’s blog will feature a new topic and analyze the many ways that home care can improve the lives of those affected by various disabilities and diseases.

Best Home Care offers support for personal care assistants providing in-home care throughout the Twin Cities through professional administrative assistance and quality home care resources. PCAs and family caregivers turn to Best Home Care to find valuable caregiver resources, learn how to get paid for taking care of a family member, and much more.

About Best Home Care
Best Home Care is a top in-home health care agency providing support for personal care assistants (PCAs) and family caregivers in Minnesota. Founded in 2005 by Andre Best, an attorney and former union president, the company offers administrative assistance and educational resources for those providing home care for seniors and individuals with various disabilities and diseases. Best Home Care is a PCPO, PCA Choice, and Waivered Service Provider and a member of the Minnesota Home Care Association.

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