Bulk Supplements Direct - Driving Down The Price of Krill Oil Nutritional Supplements

From: Bulk Supplements Direct
Published: Mon Jan 11 2010

Bulk Supplements Direct are pleased to announce new bulk pricing for one of the hottest natural omega 3 supplements in the world. With the health and nutritional supplement market increasing per annum, it is no surprise that certain supplements are earning themselves a name as a "must have" for health benefits.

Antrartic Krill Oil is extracted from Euphausia superba which has a high natural omega 3 content. However, the key difference between this oil extract and that of marine fish oil is that the omega 3 from this source is in the more bioavailable form of phospholipid which research has demonstrated to be the bodies preferred form of omeg oil

Bulk Supplements Direct have been renowned for driving down supplement prices to the end consumer and this further augments their ethos in relation to providing nutritional supplements at a cost effective price. The company specialises in various health and fitness supplements ranging from Whey Proteins, Amino Acids, Creatines, Omege 3 Oils, and Amino Acids.

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