Bulk Supplements Direct Helps Double your Weight Loss With Leucine

From: Bulk Supplements Direct
Published: Mon Apr 26 2010

Recent studies have shown that adding small amounts of the amino acid, Leucine, to your diet, can double your weight loss. Leucine triggers a reduction in calorie intake, causes a drop in hunger pangs and increases energy. Plus leucine helps you lose subcutaneous fat (that layer of fat just under the skin) very quickly and helps normalise blood sugar - a great help to those with type 2 diabetes.

Bulk Supplements Direct have brought to market L Leucine in powder form. An easy to take supplement that researchers indicate can make a substantial difference to your weight loss and muscle gain schedule. Leucine, taken as part of a overall exercise and diet plan certainly has the potential to increase results and achieve that body you have worked so hard to get to!

Bulk Supplements Direct are amongst Europe's fastest growing Nutritional Supplements provider and offer a wide range of supplements from Protein Powders, Creatine Supplements, Omega Oils to name but a few.
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