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Published: Mon Mar 30 2015

Wellness Kliniek Belgium is known in Europe as a provider of high technology care in cosmetic plastic surgery. Wellness Kliniek, the well-known clinic for cosmetic plastic surgery brings you the expertise of 15 highly experienced, board-certified surgeons and dentists at their location in Genk, in the EU region where Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet.

Plastic surgeons are specialized in performing facial surgery and breast and body contouring procedures. By collaborating in a multidisciplinary setting, they offer you the highest level of care and best results in Europe (1-3). Multidisciplinary collaboration ensures the Wellness Kliniekteam consists of specialists in many disciplines who coordinate care to meet the individual needs of every patient.

Breast lifts – the way to regain your lost figure!

Are saggy breasts worrying you? Loss in the firmness and carriage of breasts are common in many women due to a variety of factors from aging, pregnancy, nursing or even weight loss (the latest fad today). Breast lifts are the surgical option available for correction of breasts in order to regain their shape and firmness. However, when considering such an important surgery that can make a radical difference to your appearance, it is better to opt for the best surgeons and hospitals. Wellness Kliniek Belgium, one of the largest Western European clinics for plastic and cosmetic surgery is the place to be for breast related surgeries; being breast enhancement, breast implants, breast enlargement or breast augmentation and breast lifts.

What does a breast lift or breast uplift entail?
Breast lifts often alter the size of the breasts and may also alter the position of the nipple at times. One needs to discuss the type of surgery necessary and also whether breast implants should be placed during the surgery to achieve the desired look.

Did you know that a breast lift doesnÂ’t require a general anaesthetic? You wouldnÂ’t have to worry about the side effects of general anaesthesia in such a surgery!

Wellness Kliniek Belgium offers the following kinds procedures for breast lifts.

 Breast firming with the use of implants
 Breast Lift that involves the correction of the breast gland, removal of excess flesh and moving the nipple
 Another interesting procedure combines the breast lifts and implants to achieve the desired size and shape.

Get a safer surgery with intravenous sedation!

With the clinic’s excellent track record of winning the Customer Service Award from WhatClinic – the biggest European medical search engine for five years in running, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything! In fact, you can even get the surgery done on an outpatient basis depending on your case while in other cases you might require one or two days and may need to get admitted for the procedure.

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When you choose Wellness Kliniek in Belgium for your cosmetic and cosmetic surgery needs, you can be be assured that all specialists are board-certified. Every surgeon is a super-specialist and is a pioneer in the field of cosmetic surgery procedures. Plastic surgeons work together in a multidisciplinary team offering each patient the very best result possible. The Wellness Kliniek is committed to help to restore your youthful appearance, to reawaken your self-confidence and to enhance your life.


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