– Gatwick conference celebrates women and their faith during 13 to 14 May 2011

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Published: Tue Apr 12 2011

National Women’s Conference 2011 is being organised by Kingdom Faith Church and will be featuring leading speakers from the organisation who will be reliving their life with God and the work carried out in various communities. The meeting is being run to bring together people from the church as well as people that aren’t necessarily strong religious believers to meet and hear from a number of foremost speakers from the church.

One of the main speakers will be Jane Hamon who’s coming all the way from the States to talk and relive her stories from helping people in over 50 different countries and the work she does alongside her husband who’s a pastor at their church in Florida. Jane is also going to be leading presentations on teaching from the Bible and helping people get a better understanding of God and how he can help in people’s lives.

The event is running from 13th to 14th May 2011 at the Kingdom Faith Church in Horsham close to Gatwick airport which is set to lead to an increase in people booking hotels Gatwick Airport over those dates.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: "The conference is set to bring many people from out of town which will result in a surge in demand and attendees may experience problems finding available hotels unless plans have been made beforehand."


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