Hemophilia Treatment Drugs Market Size, Share, Emerging Trends, Analysis and Forecasts to 2024

From: Transparency Market Research
Published: Mon Oct 15 2018

The hemophilia treatment drugs market is experiencing entry of a large number of new drugs in the market. Few of them have already arrived and other long lasting clotting factors and more promising drugs are on their way to get launched in this market. For instance, follow up data from phase I/II study of hemophilia medicine ‘Emicizumab’ by Roche has demonstrated promising results regarding safety and prophylactic efficiency in people with severe hemophilia A. Another example is of ‘Eloctate’ for type A and ‘Aprolix’ for type B hemophilia, respectively. These two newly arrived biogen products are opposed to commonly prescribe course of three infusions per week as they are longer-acting than traditional treatments and require only one to two infusions per week, due to their new mechanism of action.

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Focus on prophylactic treatment is boosting the hemophilia treatment drugs market

Prophylaxis is the management of bleeding episodes by regular infusion of clotting factor concentrates in order to prevent bleeding. This treatment helps the blood to clot and minimize the likelihood of long-term joint damage. The prophylaxis treatment can be episodic, continuous, and intermittent. Regular infusion of clotting factor can effectively convert severe hemophilia to moderate hemophilia. According to World Federation of Hemophilia, more than three decades of research has shown that patients who receive prophylactic treatment have fewer bleeds and healthier joints; therefore, it has become a goal of treatment for people with severe hemophilia. But inadequate trough levels are the biggest single cause of morbidity and mortality in prophylactic treatment which needs to be overcome. Hence, the focus toward prophylactic treatment is increasing and this is boosting the hemophilia treatment drugs market.

Expanding plasma proteins therapeutics in emerging markets

Plasma derivatives are isolated fractions of donated human blood with three principal molecular product categories such as immunoglobulin for the treatment of immune disorders, albumin for patients who cannot synthesis it or lose it from their blood, and clotting factors (primarily VIII and IX) for patients with inherited hemophilia. A number of countries have attempted to implement local collection and fractionation programmers. As demand grows, countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea could opt to relax their prohibition of foreign plasma product import. The opening-up of these markets is expected to offer significant new opportunities for existing international players, similar to the liberalization of import controls in the Middle East. This is likely to offer significant opportunities in the plasma derived albumin market in the emerging nations such as India and Brazil. Relaxed regulation in the developing nations are anticipated to attract market players in such countries.

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Emergence of new and more convenient drugs for hemophilia treatment

The market for hemophilia drugs is growing significantly. Many drugs have entered in the market while many better and efficient drugs are on their way. Major players such as Shire, Novo Nordisk, Bayer, Pfizer, and others are competing with each other in the development of new drugs in the hemophilia treatment drugs market. Bayer has introduced ‘Kovaltry’ with completion of its phase III clinical trial on children and adults. Kovaltry is expected to gradually replace Bayer’s Kogenate FS as it is a 3rd generation full-length rFVIII manufactured without exposure to human and animal proteins. From early 2017, Biotest AG is likely to be adding a recombinant factor VIII preparation which is expected to be produced by using a human cell line to its hemophilia portfolio. Keeping in mind these developments, the market is set for a strong growth due to expected launch of novel and long-lasting drugs during the forecast period.

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