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Published: Tue Feb 09 2010

Fine Treatment offers a winning Thermo-balancing therapy which treats kidney stones effectively. Dr Allenís device for kidney stones treatment dissolves kidney stones painlessly, is comfortable to wear and does not impede the day-to-day activities of its users, read more at:

Currently treatments for kidney stones: medications, ESWL or surgical solution, have various side effects, for instance:

ē Medications depress the metabolic processes which are essential for the normal functioning of the body, as a result, patients can experience fatigue and there is also an increased danger of complications, such as non-specific stomach pain, severe constipation, etc.
ē ESWL - Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy - may potentially have serious side effects, for instance, hypertension and diabetes (resulting from the damage of the kidney or pancreas tissue). Also, ESWL does not stop the future formation of kidney stones; it only shatters the already formed stones.
ē The consequences of an open surgery are often extremely poor; bleeding, infection and chronic renal failure are common.

Contrary to these treatments Dr Allenís winning dissolving kidney stones device is free from any adverse side effects and has shown effective results.

Free Nutrition Guide for Kidney Stones alternative treatment by Dr Allen will help to achieve and sustain a good healthy condition year by year. For at least six weeks in a year our recommendations must be followed carefully, calculating the intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

In order to help a sufferer adjust more easily to this new style of health-inducing nutrition for kidney stones care, we recommend that a daily food diary is kept. Use a notebook or start a diary, write numbers of days (1, 2, 3, Ö, 45) on separate pages and copy the table below for each day. Alternatively, you can print out copies of the table for 45 days. If a complete record of meals is made, this can then be used as the basis of the next plan, reminding you of your past selection of food and as a future guide to choosing foods more to your taste. This 45-day plan of your food intake will become a useful blueprint for your long-term balanced nutrition.

The nutrition doctrine is freely available on the internet under "Nutrition Guide" on the home page of the website: which discusses long-term care of kidneys.

However to dissolve renal calculi a special thermo-balancing device is firstly needed to provide the essential treatment for kidney stones (renal calculi) by tackling a cause of this disorder, by naturally decreasing the pressure inside the kidney tissue without drugs or invasive procedures.

Dr Allenís Device for Kidney Care:

* Dissolves kidney stones effectively;
* Relieves symptoms of kidney stones;

The Fine Treatment website contains more information about Dr Allenís Device:

The winning Thermo-balancing therapy dissolves Kidney Stones effectively

The effectiveness of Dr Allenís Device for Kidney Care lies in the improvement of the blood flow deep inside the kidney tissue. Dr Allenís Device for Kidney Care creates a favourable situation for the fine blood capillaries to stabilise the body temperature within the kidney tissue and thereby reduces the internal pressure and improves the filtration function of the kidney, thereby helping the kidney to wash out the renal calculi over a period of time.

Dr Simon Allen explains, "Free nutrition advice will allow you not only to keep you kidneys in a healthy condition but also protect your body from development of common illnesses such as high blood pressure, obesity and cardio and others problems".

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