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Published: Tue Feb 02 2010

According to recent statistics, one in three people in the UK die ‘intestate’ - without writing a Will - leaving the government to decide how their estate is divided up amongst family and loved ones.*

Writing a Will is the only way people can guarantee that, once they have passed away, their wishes are carried out.

To raise awareness of the importance of writing a Will – as well as encourage people to leave a bequest to the charity - Sue Ryder Care has partnered up with a panel of reputable solicitors nationwide and The Goodwill Partnership, who offer a will-writing service in people’s own homes at low-cost. The charity’s network of 350 shops is also promoting legacy giving through bookmarks and postcards on sale in its shops.

Gill Cannon, Legacy Manager at Sue Ryder Care, said: "Many people don’t like to think about writing a Will as they associate the act with being ill and perhaps close to death. The real truth is that writing a Will is a legal necessity to guarantee that your loved ones receive what you’d like to leave them once you’ve died.

A common misconception is, if a Will is not in place the spouse or partner will automatically inherit everything. This is often not the case and the estate may be divided amongst other members of the family, or if the person has been previously married with the ex-spouse."

Gill added, "As well as promoting Will writing, we’re encouraging people to consider leaving a bequest to Sue Ryder Care, whether that is a percentage of their estate, a set sum of money or a specific gift. Just 1% of a person’s estate would really help Sue Ryder Care continue to provide end of life and long term care to people when they need it most."

All money raised through legacies and voluntary income helps Sue Ryder Care continue to provide end of life and long-term care for people living with conditions including; cancer, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s disease and acquired brain..

Edward Sandars, a retired solicitor who now volunteers with the Legacy team at Sue Ryder Care, said: "Everyone who owns a house, has children, or has a small amount of savings really should make a Will. If you don't, your heirs may end up not getting what you want them to receive and have expensive legal arguments with other members of the family. Making a Will can also help reduce Inheritance Tax and give you the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy to a charity close to your heart."

If you would like to know more about legacy giving and writing a will contact Sue Ryder Care’s Legacy team on 01452 770 749 or email gill.cannon@suerydercare.org.

For further information about Sue Ryder Care, please visit www.suerydercare.org

Source: the Law Society, http://www.lawsociety.org.uk/home.law


For further information please contact Sara Novara at Sue Ryder Care on 07721539377 or email sara.novara@suerydercare.org


Sue Ryder Care Legacy – Facts at your fingertip:

- Sue Ryder Care works in partnership with the Goodwill Partnership that will supply a solicitor-provided Will-writing service in people’s own homes at low-cost.

- Sue Ryder Care also works with a bank of solicitors across the country that will make a donation in aid of the charity every time a donor will use their services.

- In 2008, there were 509,090 deaths. 309,088 of these were intestate, meaning 61% died without a valid will (including people who had written a will, but ruled invalid).*

- Most unusual legacy bequests received by Sue Ryder Care:

A narrow boat;

A vacuum cleaner

½ the contents of a handbag

*Source: a survey conducted in 2008 by the Goodwill Partnership, http://www.thedigitalpublisher.co.uk/goodwill

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Contact Email: sara.novara@suerydercare.org