Make Sure You Buy the Right First aid kits

From: First Aid 4 Less
Published: Tue Jan 26 2010

When you plan to buy first aid kits, thereís a selection to choose from. There are different kits for different purposes. The kits range from those that meet workplace Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines, to kits that are ideal for families on day trips.

There are HSE compliant first aid kits for varied workplace environments. Catering kits meet appropriate HSE regulations and food hygiene standards. These kits have items such as blue plasters and gloves.

Some HSE kits come in tough aluminium cases. The cases also have lugs on the back. This means you can hang a case on a wall so that staff can easily see it and reach it.

If you have employees who work by themselves, you can issue lone worker kits. You can choose between durable cases or waterproof nylon containers.

Larger HSE kits have items such as resuscitators and eyewash pods. Whether you need these depends on the nature of your workplace.

You donít have to pay a lot for a basic HSE kit. Prices can start at less than £6.

The risk of burns is a serious concern in some industries. Burns first aid kits give you what you need for initial treatment. For example, the kits have special dressings infused with antibacterial tea tree oil. The oil helps keep burns free from infection.

Wherever thereís sport, there should be suitable first aid available. The kits come in convenient bags with handles and a zip top. Inside youíll find bandages, dressings and cold packs for bruises and sprains.

Passenger carrying vehicles (PCVs) must have items for first aid. You canít use just any kit, either. It must meet the standards of the Road Traffic Act 1986.

You can buy such kits in plastic cases. But for extra durability, you might prefer to opt for a stronger aluminium case.

Itís also worth having first aid basics in your car, especially if you have a family. There are compact kits that can fit into glove or boot compartments.

Day trips
If youíve ever been out for the day with a group of children, youíll know the importance of having first aid to hand. You can buy first aid kits in bum bag cases that you can simply clip around your waist. Or you can obtain them in handy nylon cases that slip easily into bags and rucksacks.

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