Medical Negligence - Your Rights Explained by Fentons Solicitors

From: Fentons LLP
Published: Wed Jun 02 2010

Most of the time, people who fall ill receive excellent treatment and care from the National Health Service and private medical service providers alike. There are nonetheless occasions when the story does not end so happily. And when this happens, patients who have suffered as a direct result of medical negligence, often feel daunted at the prospect of seeking redress from a gigantic organisation such as the NHS or a powerful multinational private healthcare firm.

Fentons Solicitors is there to ensure that you do not have to be daunted or fearful: if you have suffered due to medical negligence, you are entitled to make a compensation claim – and you’ll receive excellent legal representation from the firm’s specialist Clinical Negligence department, to help you secure the best settlement possible.

There are numerous areas where such a claim is perfectly reasonable. These include diagnostic errors and undue delays, maternal or infant birth injury, orthopaedic errors including wrongful amputation, general, gynaecological, neural or cardio-thoracic surgical errors, injuries caused by errors in anaesthesia, unacceptable cosmetic surgery outcomes, dental errors, GP errors, laser eye surgery/ophthalmic errors, errors in the administration and dispensing of prescriptions and adult brain injury.

Expert legal representation ensures that the maximum compensation possible is secured with the minimum of stress and hassle for the client; and, with Fentons’ no win no fee policy, clients receive the full 100% of any compensation payment awarded by a court. With a legal team working tirelessly on your side, meticulously piecing together what happened and why, claims for medical negligence represented by the specialist lawyers at Fentons will be solid, robust and legally watertight.

And you do not have to have suffered a disfigurement or gross medical error; you may be entitled to compensation if you are unhappy with the level and quality of care you received. Fentons Clinical Negligence specialists are highly experienced and exceptionally sensitive, recognising that the decision to pursue such a claim has frequently been the result of considerable distress and suffering.

Expecting optimal medical care is not a luxury or a privilege, it is an entitlement. When standards of medical services fall short of this, you do not have to fight your corner as an isolated individual against a giant machine. With Fentons to turn to in you hour of need, you can rest assured that your claim for compensation will be in the most competent legal hands.

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