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Published: Sun Oct 03 2010

Models Direct have been exploring different ways to keep fit and enjoy an active lifestyle over the last few weeks with a look at many activities and hobbies, from badminton to martial arts, and the associated benefits of each.

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This week we have decided to take a look at cycling. Here are the top five reasons we came up with to consider embracing this activity.

Reduce your carbon footprint

What better way to feel you are doing your bit for the environment? Cycling isn’t just fab for you it’s also a great way to cut your fuel consumption and avoid getting stuck in traffic jams inhaling your own, and everyone else’s, exhaust fumes. You may even find that you can get wherever you are headed faster by bike!

Spend quality family time

Children love cycling and getting them out on their bikes will give them a real sense of adventure that simply cannot be found on the latest computer game. While taking care of your family’s fitness you will also find cycling together a lovely way to bond and chat about the weeks events, away from all distraction.

Save money

Once you have your cycle (and helmet) you will find that maintaining it costs next to nothing. There are no associated gym fees, no fuel is required and your cycle will last for years if you look after it. These days lights are usually LEDs and batteries last for ages so you really can save money quite easily by taking to your bike - and just think of all the parking fees you’ll avoid!

Enjoy nature

Cycling offers the perfect way to get out and about in your area and really take in the scenery. Pack a rucksack or saddle bag with a picnic and enjoy the freedom of a day out where you can really feel at one with your environment. If you live in the city look for local cycle routes, these will often take you to pretty areas that you had no idea existed so nearby.

Get fit

Cycling is of course a great way to keep fit. It will improve cardiovascular fitness and lung capacity, lower blood pressure, strengthen and tone your legs and bottom and improve mental well-being - need we go on?

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Always consult your doctor before embarking on a new fitness activity.

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