Models Direct’s "A to E" of Skin Rejuvenating Vitamins

From: Models Direct
Published: Thu Jan 28 2010

Everyone wants clear skin. But while you may pay attention to the products you put on to your skin, do you ever stop to think about the effect of your diet? Read on to find out Models Direct’s guide to healthy eating for healthy skin.

Vitamin A is not only good for your eyes, teeth and bones it also helps the growth and repair of skin tissue, helping you achieve glowing skin and fewer wrinkles. It is also an antioxidant that helps neutralise ‘harmful elements’ and fights against infection. Carrots, spinach and liver contain high amounts of vitamin A but possibly more appealing options include mango, apricots and cantaloupe melon. However, these fruits have lower levels of vitamin A.

Vitamins B1, B3 and B5 all play a part in keeping skin looking healthy. B1 (thiamine) improves your cardiovascular health and promotes better blood flow which in turn leads to glowing skin. B3 (niacin) and B5 (pantothenic acid) help to keep skin hydrated and therefore keep the skin looking younger. Foods rich in these vitamins include leafy greens, meat and fish, dairy products and fortified breakfast cereals.

Vitamin C can fight against free radicals, boost your immune system, provide a natural way to repair damaged skin and help the production of collagen to keep your skin smooth. The foods with the most vitamin C are fruit and vegetables, so if you’ve already got a healthy diet there should be no problem with your vitamin C intake!

Vitamin E is often used in beauty products because of its antioxidant properties, which protect skin from UV light, pollution and other elements than can cause damage. Foods with high levels of vitamin E include avocado, eggs, nuts and seeds.

Now for some specific foods that Models Direct suggest could help your skin to look model-perfect.

Fish and shellfish are full of essential fatty acids, which nourish your skin and act as an anti-inflammatory.

Green tea could help reduce the damage cause by ultraviolet light, reducing the risk of skin cancer and possibly even help to prevent sunburn. This doesn’t mean you should stop using SPF!

Strawberries, plums and blackcurrants all contain loads of vitamin C, which as mentioned earlier, will help to repair and firm up your skin.

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