Modern Hair Restoration Techniques from Hshairclinic Finally Bringing Success

From: The Harley Street Hair Clinic
Published: Thu Jul 08 2010

World leaders in hair restoration The Harley Street Hair Clinic recently revealed how new techniques in both hair transplant and medicinal hair re-growth are finally living up to the expectations doled out to a hopeful public over the last 50 years.

While hair replacement and re-growth is not a new idea, its success has always been limited – not to mention severely mitigated by the extreme seriousness of the medical operations involved. Indeed, in its early stages (and by "early stages" we can confidently draw a line almost right up to the present day), hair restoration was such a serious operation it was medically classed as invasive surgery, carrying with it a risk of post operation infection, serious complications and disfigurement.

Thankfully (one can almost hear the whole hair treatment world breathing a collective sigh of relief), new techniques – pioneered largely, in this country, by the Harley Street Hair Clinic ( – have revolutionised the way in which hair restoration is undertaken. No longer a risky medical procedure, hair replacement can be performed as a minor surgery (it’s a lengthy process, but medically "minor" in that it presents practically no risk of anything other than a little post operation soreness) – and with a great deal of improvement on the final outcome. Where older techniques often left hair replacement patients looking like they had on a wig of some sort, modern "follicular transfer" technology offered by Hshairclinic often results in a head of hair indistinguishable from the natural growth.

That’s the holy grail of hair replacement and restoration therapies – finally achieved. And thanks in no small part to the efforts of the Harley Street Hair Clinic, whose pioneering work in the UK has opened the doors for hair treatment nationwide to start delivering properly. For more information, check out their web site –

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The Harley Street Hair Clinic is the UK leader in all forms of hair restoration and replacement treatment. They provide Follicular Transfer for hair re-growth in the natural way.

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