PureShowers.co.uk Releases A UK Exclusive Rainfall Shower Filter

From: PureShowers.co.uk
Published: Tue Jul 13 2010

The Rainfall Shower Head has an integrated replaceable Shower Filter cartridge which has been clinically proven to remove chlorine and other contaminants in your shower water, leaving you showering in crystal clear natural water. Its large 6" beautifully chromed plated face is endowed with 60 gently caressing water nozzles, enveloping you in crystal-clear filtered water as healthy and natural as water falling straight from the heavens. Isn’t it time you enjoyed cleaner, healthier more pure showers?

Product Features:

• The height of luxurious and healthy shower experiences
• Beautiful and modern designed shower head will suit any bathroom
• Large 6" Head with 60 gently caressing chrome water nozzles
• Comfortable 10" Hi-Lo shower arm allows for a 20" height and angle range.
• Clinically proven to reduce 99% of Chlorine
• Stop itchy dry skin & scalp
• Promote soft, supple skin and hair
• Helps improve eczema
• Reduces scale and white marks on shower door and tiles.
• Works like your drinking water filter - but in your shower!

Many of us filter our water before drinking it, but do not think about how showering in this water can adversely affect us. In many areas across the UK, unfiltered tap water is hard and laced with calcium, chlorine and magnesium deposits. This can lead to dry, brittle hair and skin; it can also worsen skin conditions. Install this shower filter today to feel the difference it will make to your health and lifestyle.

About PureShowers.co.uk

Pure Showers was founded in 2008 to meet the needs of the UK market. Its ingenious filters can be installed easily and quickly within minutes: simply replace the shower head as normal, or attach a filter to an existing shower. All filters have replaceable cartridges which last up to 12 months.

The Pure Showers filters are available online via a secure eCommerce store at http://www.pureshowers.co.uk

What do its customers say?

Shirley Chan of London says: "I have been using the shower filter for three weeks now and I have noticed the difference in my skin and hair. Previously, my skin would feel very dry and itchy and I had to moisturise with an emollient cream, but now my skin feels soft and smooth and I no longer have to use my creams."

Stephen Boyle of Essex says: "It’s easy to install. Well after two weeks since putting the filter on my shower, it's great. I never realised how much damage chlorine does to the skin."

Jacqueline Gallagher of Derry says: "The filter does everything it promised and I couldn't be happier. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and am telling all my salon clients of the benefits."
Company: PureShowers.co.uk
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