The Models Direct Guide to Children's Exercise: Part One

From: Models Direct
Published: Tue Jun 22 2010

We all know the importance of exercise and many of us are willing to admit that we donít get enough. But what about our children? Do you struggle to get them off the sofa and outside running around? If this is the case modelling agency Models Direct offers some fun activities to get your children moving.

Experts report that children should complete 90minutes of exercise every day, but that only one in ten children actually achieve this. A professor from the Department of Child Health at Aberdeen University says this is a major concern for future health. There are plenty of benefits to getting your children active from a young age and Models Direct want to encourage this with the following fun workouts for children of all ages.

ē Walking. Walking may not seem the most appealing of activities to kids, but there are ways to make it more interesting and fit it into your daily routine. If you live within walking distance of their school you could consider walking rather than taking a car. If this isnít possible you could look into, or even start, a walking bus for your school, when parents or trained supervisors walk groups of children to school. This is not only helping the environment it also makes the school gates safer.

You could also consider getting some pedometers and turn it into a bit of a family competition, with a prize going to the person who has walked the most steps in a week. A dog could also encourage children to walk more Ė if you have the time and money to care for one.

ē Dancing. Most people enjoy a good boogie every so often so itís good news that dancing is a great form of aerobic exercise and can improve flexibility. If you donít have the money or time to send your brood off to dance classes itís not a problem Ė simply have a dance around your living room. Lots of kids enjoy making up dance routines so why not let them pick the music and put on a show for the rest of the family?

ē Skateboarding. Once theyíve had a bit of practice, skateboarding can be beneficial to your children as it helps to tone muscles and improve balance and coordination. Prevent as many injuries as possible by equipping kids with a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads and make sure theyíre skateboarding in a safe area.

This article continues with more exercises and activities for children from Models Direct in part two.

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