The Models Direct Guide to Perfect Party Feet

From: Models Direct
Published: Thu Jan 07 2010

You might not have your feet on show much at the moment, but a do-it-yourself pedicure could be just the thing to relax you after a hard dayís shopping or to prepare for a big party. Here are Models Directís top tips for pretty and relaxed feet and at-home pedicure guide.

1. Remove any nail varnish with nail varnish remover and some cotton wool. If your toenails have been stained by coloured nail varnish, or are discoloured, you could try to brighten them up by scrubbing them with some whitening toothpaste. You could also try rubbing a drop of lemon oil on to your nails before using a nail buffer or putting lemon juice or slices into your foot-soak.

2. Use a pair of nail clippers to trim your nails, making sure they are not too short. Use an emery board to shape and smooth your nails into a straight edge.

3. Fill a bowl with warm water, adding your favourite aromatherapy oil or Epsom salts. You could also try adding a few tablespoons of milk to the water as the lactic acid will help to loosen the dead skin. Sit back and relax for about ten minutes while your feet soak. This stage helps to soften the cuticles and any hard skin on your feet.

4. When you feel sufficiently soaked, dry your feet. Use a cuticle stick to gently push back the cuticles. Use a foot file to buff the areas of dry skin. As with nail files, begin by using the coarser side before smoothing further with the finer side.

5. Apply a good moisturiser and wrap your feet in a warm, damp towel for and thorough moisturising treatment.

6. Now itís time to decorate! Wipe any moisturiser from your nails to ensure that the nail varnish paints on smoothly. Use a base coat Ė it could be a normal clear nail varnish or a specialist base coat with vitamins to nourish the nails Ė before applying colour. This will help to prevent the coloured nail varnish staining your nails, which is especially important when using darker colours.

7. Remember that you can choose a vibrant colour for your nails, such as a bright pink or the current jade green trend. After you have applied two coats of your top colour add a clear top coat to help maintain colour and prevent chipping.

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