TrialReach Inc. Launches a Groundbreaking Patient-friendly Search Engine for Clinical Trials

From: TrialReach, Inc.
Published: Sun Feb 28 2010

TrialReach, Inc. ( has announced today the launch of its groundbreaking search and referral engine for clinical trials, covering more than 25,000 open studies, for all medical conditions, anywhere in the world. More than any time in history, patients are deeply involved in managing their diseases; at the same time, there has been an explosion of information, making it difficult for patients to learn about and access on-going clinical trials of interest.

TrialReach’s unique approach goes beyond, existing patient-matching or e-recruitment solutions. It combines proprietary search technology, new and exclusive content, and communication channels between patients and physicians to make clinical trials easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to access. "The published information about clinical trials is not accessible enough; it’s just too technical for the vast majority of patients. No matter how accurately you are matched to a study, you still ask yourself: Is this right for me? We understood that from the beginning and developed a truly innovative solution to bridge that gap, ensuring an elegant and efficient user experience", said TrialReach co-founder and CEO, Pablo Graiver.

TrialReach works closely with clinical trial sponsors and investigators to create brand-new, multimedia descriptions of the studies, as well as their accompanying, user-friendly pre-screening questionnaires. The solution is rounded with a feature that gives patients the option to forward specific questions to real healthcare professionals; in most cases, the actual investigators of each study. Jessica Mann, MD PhD, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at TrialReach, noted that "the benefits that this set of tools and communications represent both to patients and to the industry can be, quite literally, life-changing. I have experienced the patient recruitment problem first-hand for many years, and for the first time I believe there can be a real, lasting solution that is at the same time efficient and extremely cost-effective."

TrialReach was recently selected ahead of over 200 other applicants to present at the Health 2.0 Conference (, last October in San Francisco, where the company unveiled its website for the first time to a 1,000-strong audience of health and technology professionals. Eithan Ephrati, PhD, co-founder and CTO of the company, added in regards to the product that "we’re taking a brand-new approach to patient recruitment, and we’re only getting started. We are currently testing a set of highly innovative tools to complement this platform, especially for trial sponsors, which we will release in the next quarter. Health 2.0 is probably the most exciting area of the web to be working on right now."

About TrialReach, Inc.
Founded in 2009 and headquartered in London, United Kingdom, TrialReach is a search and referral engine for clinical trials, dedicated to making clinical trials easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to access. A poster-child of Health 2.0, TrialReach leverages the latest technologies and marketing tools to bridge the gap between patients wanting to take part in clinical trials and sponsors and investigators seeking to recruit participants. For more information about the company, visit

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