WRVS gives advice on staying warm and well this winter

From: WRVS
Published: Tue Jan 19 2010

Listed below are just some of the helpful tips available in the Keep Warm, Keep Well guide.

Keep warm, dress well
• There’s an increased risk of becoming ill if you get cold, outdoors as well as at home. These simple steps will help to protect you.

At home
• Wear several thin layers of clothes rather than one thick layer – the warmth from your body will get trapped between the layers.
• Choose clothes made with wool, cotton, or fleecy synthetic fibres that are designed to be light and warm.
• In the coldest weather, a good way to keep warm in bed is to wear bed socks and a night cap or scarf round your head, as well as thermal underwear and a warm nightdress or pyjamas.

• Several thin layers of clothing under your coat will keep you warmer than one thick layer.
• Wear something on your head, to keep the heat from escaping.
• Wear warm, dry, flat, non-slip shoes or boots, especially in frosty weather.

Food is Fuel - Keep warm, eat well
Food is the body’s fuel for keeping you warm. The following are suggestions for eating well this winter:

• Aim to have at least one hot meal a day and have hot drinks regularly through the day.
• Have a hot drink before bedtime.
• Prepare a thermos flask of a hot drink to have by your bed in case you wake up in the night feeling cold.

Keep warm, keep moving
• Moving around generates extra body heat and don’t stay sitting still for long periods of time, as any kind of activity will help to keep you warm.
• Spread chores out through the day so you can alternate between rest and activity.

Keep warm, heat well
The following are suggestions on how best to heat your home:

• Try to keep a temperature of 21ºC (70ºF) in all the rooms you use during the day.
• If you can’t heat all the rooms at east keep your living room warm throughout the day and warm your bedroom and bed before going to bed.
• Keep your bedroom window closed at night in winter; it’s when temperatures reach their lowest.
• Use an electric blanket OR a hot water bottle in bed, but NEVER both together. Many electric blankets are designed only to warm the bed before you get in; if yours is like that, turn it off before you get into bed.
• If you have an open coal fire, try to keep the grate filled to a depth of 3 to 4 inches (75-100 mm) of fuel. Use the air control to set the burning rate.

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