Weight loss with Howard’s Way: Kelly reveals all

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Published: Tue Jun 08 2010

In just 16 weeks, Kelly Whistance, a 23 year old student, lost 53 pounds in weight, ten centimetres from her chest measurement, 18 centimetres from her waist, 14 centimetres from her hips and went down four dress sizes – thanks to the Howard’s Way very low calorie diet (VLCD).

Kelly said: "I completed the Howard’s Way programme in December 2009. I dieted with total food replacement (TFR) for 12 weeks and then did the re-feeding programme for a further four weeks.

"I went down four dress sizes in 16 weeks and I now feel ‘amazing’. I’m more confident and happy – and I’m proud that I’ve achieved my goal.

"I also feel extremely proud of myself for achieving this hurdle and getting my weight under control. I feel in control of my life again and I feel excited about the next stage of my life.

"I also feel supported by the Howard’s Way team as I move forward and continue my weight loss goals.

"Physically, emotionally and mentally, enrolling on the programme was a bit of a shock to the system," she added. "The programme involved a steep learning curve – about such things as food addiction – but I received some terrific support form the Howard’s Way locums.

"I also received a great deal of encouragement from my GP, who was glad that I was doing something positive about my weight," said Kelly.

"Before, I felt fat and ugly but I also felt annoyed and ashamed at myself for having let myself get to the size I was," Kelly continued. "I was massively in denial and the hardest part for me was admitting that I needed to change.

"Any difficulties I encountered with the programme were dramatically outweighed by the joy of stepping on the scales and seeing the weight shed each week.

"At first, I struggled with the impact the diet had on my social life. I realised how much a part of my life eating - and drinking - had become and, initially, I felt isolated from my friends.

"However, after settling into a routine and changing my mindset, I found that it was still possible for me to attend all of my social engagements and enjoy myself - even without food and alcohol!

"By far the best part of the programme for me was the support I received from my locums and the rest of my group," revealed Kelly.

"Having a weekly group session became extremely important to me. It was an opportunity to share achievements or receive a much needed pick-up from the other dieters.

"The Howard’s Way locums were on hand at all hours and had the answers to all my questions, no matter how obscure the problem was. Another important part for me was never feeling judged or embarrassed, only encouraged and motivated.

"I absolutely love the Howard’s Way maintenance bars too and I eat these on a regular basis now. Drinking four litres of water never felt like a chore and it is something that I have kept up since finishing the programme.

"Importantly for me, I was able to continue exercising three days a week and study through my exams, without ever suffering from overtiredness or lack of concentration.

"My future excites me now, with lots of opportunities ahead. My confidence has grown and I feel I could conquer anything now.

"Don’t be that person that thinks they can’t do it because they love food too much or do not have the willpower," Kelly counseled. "I was that girl and now I have a happy, hopeful and slim future ahead of me!"


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About Howard’s Way VLCD

Penelope Howard had been researching into very low calorie diets (VLCDs) and weight loss since 1992 and worked with obese patients and a VLCD for some five years before she founded Howard’s Way in 1998.

Those enrolling on the Howard’s Way VLCD initially agree to an 18 week programme involving regular meetings twice weekly for the first four weeks, then once a week from there on. For the ‘Distance Dieter’ these meetings are replaced with one-to-one ‘support calls’ every week. In addition, Howard’s Way staff try to speak to those beginning the diet for at least five minutes a day to provide vital ‘moral’ support.

Howard’s Way recognises that the hardest struggle is maintaining lost weight. So, while dieting, all patients are talked through weekly handouts to gain knowledge and understanding on the workings of their body and the effects of eating certain foodstuffs. Additionally, Howard’s Way Maintenance support is ‘free of charge for life’ for all our dieters.

Typically, most patients lose at least three stones (20 kilos) in weight, men often much more, in the first 12 weeks of the diet. Those who choose to carry on with the diet continue to lose about a stone (6.5 kilos) every four weeks.

The Howard’s Way VLCD comprises specially formulated foods, in the form of: milk shakes; soups; and fruit bars; containing the full complement of vitamins, minerals, protein and essential fatty acids that an adult requires but restricting the calorific intake, to induce a state of ‘mild dietary ketosis’ after day three of the diet.

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