What does tattoo removal cost in New Jersey? It depends on many factors

From: Reflections Center for Skin & Body
Published: Fri May 15 2015

Reflections Center for Skin & Body (www.reflectionscenter.com) warns that those who offer tattoo removal cost over the phone are not being "up front" in their pricing.

‘There are many factors when it comes to tattoo removal cost in New Jersey," said Dr. Mitchell Chasin, Medical Director for Reflections Center for Skin & Body" It takes several treatments for tattoo removal to be successful. Moreover, the size and colors of the tattoo removal area determine how many treatments will be required as well as how many different lasers are needed for each tattoo removal treatment session," he explained.

A major variable is the quality of the tattoo. For example, dark colored tattoos that have less ink and are closer to the surface of the skin can often be removed in three or four tattoo removal NJ treatment sessions. It’s because lasers have a greater effect on dark colors and poor quality tattoos are closer to the surface. A deeper tattoo created with lots of ink and multiple colors may take 20 or more tattoo removal NJ treatment sessions.

Tattoo removal cost NJ also depends on the laser equipment that is used. Some low- cost tattoo removal NJ centers have only one laser that operates in a single wave length. These tattoo removal lasers are only really ideal for a single color, so additional sessions will be required to affect all the colors in the tattoo – and even then all the ink might not be cleared. It’s best to find a facility that has multiple tattoo removal NJ lasers that operate at different wavelengths and can safely and effectively treat all colors of tattoo ink.

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