A Gamut Of Medical Equipments Launched By Unison Bio-Medical For Asia

From: Unison Bio-Medical Co.,Ltd
Published: Wed May 27 2015

Unison Bio Medical Limited is pleased to announce the launch of low cost, highly effective and high quality exclusive machines like ECG Machines, Blood Pressure Monitoring Machines, 24 Hour Abpm, Spirometry and Nebulisers, Cryotherapy/Cautery Equipment, Pulse Oximeter, Doppler, Ophthalmoscope/Otoscope Set, Vaccine Fridge, Ear Irrigation System, Examination Lamps, Ear Thermometer, Surgery Couch, Scales/Height Measures and Vacuum Autoclaves to Improve the Health of the People of the Asian Region.

Unison Bio Medical equipment’s will surely serve the needs of the people of the Asia.These Medical equipment’s are aptly adhering to rules and regulations of the Asian drug and equipment’s association.
Who will be advantageous?
• At very first, Patients of the Asian region,because these machines are Safer, More Effective and Innovative and all equipments are thorough assessed for safety and performance parameters.

• Health care institutions and hospitals will also get benefited by these equipments as they are at lower prices than existing older equipments and are latest with advanced technology.

• Various health professionals (Doctors, Nurses ,Ward boys and others professionals) will also get benefited because they will get opportunity to use world class latest medical equipments . Unison Bio-Medical Pvt Ltd will give them proper training , Know-how booklets and supporting videos links .This knowledge will help them to take care of their patients correctly and will reduce risk factors to minimal.

• Medical Equipments Manufacturer In China ,because its their professional and ethical duty to provide latest and best medical devices to Medical Institutions and Various professional so that hospital and health professionals can take right care of their patients with latest and advanced technology.

Unison Bio Medical Co Ltd latest and innovative medical equipments will revotionalise the Medical Industry of Asian Market and improve the life of people and reduce the ratio of unhealthy people in the region. Latest medical equipments are always challenge for medical professions to learn fast and to use them correctly for treatment of their patients. By using these latest and innovative medical equipments and devices medical professionals will easily diagnose and treat patients in minimum time and can give better care to their patients.
Company: Unison Bio-Medical Co.,Ltd
Contact Name: Frank Sit
Contact Email: international@unisonbiomed.com
Contact Phone: 86-755-27897225

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