Amanda Cummings and T.R. Threston to Pen Etiquette Book

From: The Rebecca Quin Agency
Published: Mon Aug 03 2015

Socialite, jet-setter, and, certified etiquette expert, Amanda Cummings, announced today that she is teaming with her friend, T.R. Threston, C.E.O. of World Guide Publishing (with offices in London and New York) to write an etiquette book for today's world. While the book will not go to print until mid to late 2016 due to other commitments on the end of T.R. Threston, the duo are already creating a very positive stir regarding this endeavor.

Cummings is a nationally sydincated etiquette columnist with, and, has been growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. T.R. Threston has written luxury travel articles for companies such as CBS, Yahoo and other national and international outlets, and, she is CEO of an independent publishing company.

Friend and socialite, Jane Pullman Standish, CEO of Pullman Trust said in a statement "I couldn't think of a better team to pair together than Amanda and Tina (T.R. Threston.) They are two of the most well mannered women I've ever encountered, and, they both know their business inside and out."

When asked about the book Amanda Cummings said "Today's world has changed drastically and what might have been considered proper 50 years ago, may not apply today. And, there are new situations in society such as cell phone manners that didn't exist 25 years ago, and, need to be addressed in today's world."

Additionally, T.R. Threston explained in a statement from London, UK, that "The world of travel has changed dramatically and we need to think on a global level. It's important to have a reference guide for those who travel internationally since what might be acceptable in the United States may be very offensive to someone from Dubai or Toyko. It's very important for people to know how to conduct themselves in other countries."

The new etiquette book will cover everyday life, business, travel, and, even dating (including on-line dating) etiquette. Updates and more information will be made available shortly.

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