Caravanning TV show completes 3rd year

IS this TV's way forward - the tiny but popular Caravan Channel TV programme has completed 3 years of continuous production.

[UKPRwire, Fri Sep 04 2009] One of the UK's most individual TV programmes, The Caravan Channel, has just completed its 77th half-hour show over its three years of life to date.

The programme, which is broadcast by niche channel operator Information TV on Sky channel 166 and Freesat 402, is produced by Chris Gosling, himself a caravanner. It originated from a web-based site that Gosling operated for a few months before Information TV said they'd transmit the programme.

"I think that The Caravan Channel is very definitely an example of the way that TV could go if it is looking for a brighter future," says Gosling. "At present, most mainstream TV is about high-cost production originated and shown on the major terrestrial channels a couple of times then repeated ad nauseum on various satellite channels. The Caravan Channel, and other programmes I've produced, are all about putting together television for smaller, more specialist audiences - produced on a budget of maybe a quarter of big broadcasters daytime costs, but tightly focussed on a particular group's needs."

The Caravan Channel's regular content is all about caravans. motorhomes and tent camping, campsites, and related topics. "I make programmes that talk to existing members of this thriving outdoor community," Gosling said, "and that attracts new users and buyers, too. On a number of occasions we've had people come up and say since watching the programme, they've bought a new caravan - that's down to us."

Gosling estimates that the programme, produced on a fortnightly basis with each edition shown 8 times over its two-week life, has a regular audience of maybe 100,000 viewers. It isn't big in conventional TV terms, but is massive against the industry's consumer magazines, which tend to circulate around half that number of copies.

The Caravan Channel is broadcast by Information TV on Sky channel 166 and Freesat 402 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 7pm. Chris Gosling also produces Goodbye, 9 to 5! a programme for retired people, on the same channel.

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