Caravanning on TV 7 nights a week!

From: Serious Leisure TV
Published: Wed Apr 07 2010

Camping, caravanning and motorhome fans can now watch a specialist TV programme every night of the week with the start of the new series of Caravan Channel GOLD on Showcase TV, Sky channel 216.

For the past 3 years, the Caravan Channel programme has been making a new edition every 2 weeks for show on Sky channel 166 and Freesat 402 - and 85 programmes later, is starting a weekly repeat series, with shows from 2008.

"Over the last year, we've gained large numbers of viewers, who say they want to see some of our older shows," says programme producer and presenter Chris Gosling, "and we're delighted to oblige!"

"It also means that we and our thousands of viewers get a wider selection of content to watch," he added. "If you count the repeat series programmes as "new" for viewers who never seen them before, it means that we're efectively bringing 6 new programmes to TV every 4 weeks - not bad for a tiny production company, mainly run by just one person."

The main Caravan Channel programme plays at 7pm 4 nights a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday on Information TV, Sky 166/Freesat 402/online, while Caravan Channel Gold plays at 7pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday on Showcase TV, Sky 216.

For more information, contact Chris Gosling on 07931 310254
Company: Serious Leisure TV
Contact Name: Chris Gosling
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Contact Phone: 07931 310254

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