Circalit Launch the First Ever Social Networking Platform Just for Screenwriters

From: Circalit
Published: Sat Feb 06 2010

Today Circalit are announcing the launch of a brand new social networking site just for screenwriters at The site, which is free for all writers, allows users to upload their screenplays and to showcase their work to producers, agents and directors. Circalit allows writers to manage their fanbase, receive feedback, collaborate with other writers, share tips and become part of an ever-growing network of writers, critics and industry professionals. Since Circalit started beta-testing two weeks ago, almost 400 users have signed up. The site is now public although it will continue beta-testing until it launches fully in the near future.

Circalit is also a tool for producers and directors and has already attracted the interest of a number of production companies. Through its peer ratings system, the most popular screenplays will always come to the attention of agents and producers. Following on from similar changes which have been occurring in the music and publishing industries, Circalit represents a shift in the way that the film industry will source screenwriting talent.

Circalit is the first ever dedicated social networking site for screenwriters. Though a few other sites allow users to read and discuss their screenplays, Circalit is the first site to incorporate the next generation of social networking features, a comprehensive review and ratings system that allows you to break down your feedback into different categories, and the ability to selectively control who you want to share your screenplay with. Unlike the previous generation of social networking sites, Circalit is simple and intuitive and designed specifically for a single purpose - to empower screenwriters to take control over the way their screenplays are marketed.

The mission of Circalit is to digitalise, democratise and revolutionize the way screenplays are sold by writers to producers and agents.

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