Exec Digital magazine Turns to Ecotricity’s Boss Dale Vince, Exploring New Technologies and Innovati

In keeping with a green focus, one of the world’s leading energy executives Roger Duncan of Austin Energy gives meaning to the ambiguous term “smart grid” in the September issue of Exec Digital

[UKPRwire, Tue Aug 25 2009] In its September issue, Exec Digital magazine, found on ExecDigital.co.uk (www.execdigital.co.uk), set out to learn more about Ecotricity’s contribution to the green sector, including Dale Vince’s initiative to launch a zero emission car faster than a Ferrari. A wind energy generator and supplier, Ecotricity is making a name for itself in the wind energy space by building windmills throughout the country and selling green electricity direct to the public. Dale Vince, founder and CEO of Ecotricity, has just been declared Ernst & Young’s overall Entrepreneur Of The Year for London and the south and will be a finalist for the national awards in the fall.

When asked about Ecotricity’s innovative wind-powered sports car that took ten seconds to reach 100mph – on half power – Vince says, “It bugged me when a couple of years ago I wanted to buy a greener car and there was nothing that even approached zero carbon, so I decided to get involved and make one. [Car manufacturers] talk about hydrogen and fuel cells and the decades it will take them to develop the technology but they have a vested interest in the status quo and they want to play it out for as long as they can.”

The full article is available in the September issue of Exec Digital magazine at: http://www.execdigital.co.uk/Magazine.aspx?id=1449

Or the article can be found directly at: http://www.execdigital.co.uk/Magazine.aspx?id=1449&page=26

“Smart grid,” a widely-used phrase all over the world, is as green as it is ambiguous. So Exec Digital tapped the expertise of Roger Duncan, General Manager of Austin Energy, the nation’s ninth largest community-owned electric utility, serving a population of more than 900,000. For those looking to understand the true meaning of smart grid, Duncan shares his insights with Exec Digital in its September issue.

The full article, Smart Grid 101, is available directly at: http://www.execdigital.co.uk/Magazine.aspx?id=1449&page=32. And the complete September issue of Exec Digital magazine is available at: http://www.execdigital.co.uk/Magazine.aspx?id=1449

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