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Published: Thu May 26 2011

The boutique publisher Dynasty Press, which specialises in royal and celebrity books, says it has in the last few days been inundated with inquiries as to the identity of the author of their upocming book, With Love from Pet Heaven by Tum Tum the Springer Spaniel, ever since a rumour took hold in palace circles that the author is the new Duchess of Cambridge.

A moving account of a dog's life on earth and in Pet Heaven, with a front cover quote from John Rendall, the New York and London Times bestselling co-author of A Lion Like Christian ("Tum Tum's story will appeal to all animal lovers and confirms thw wonderful relationships we humans can share with animals"), the identity of the actual author has provoked tremendous speculation in royal circles since a pre-publication copy of the book was seen on the desk a senior courtier at Buckingham Palace, with a note pinned to it stating that it was the Queen's copy.

Dynasty Press is refusing to confirm who the author is, stating that they are specifically prevented under the terms of their publishing agreement with the actual author from revealing her identity. The mystery is why any author of a book which seems to be such a heart-warming dogfest would choose to hide their identity.

According to a palace source, courtiers at Buckingham Palace have been seen checking the tweet TumTum15 along with Tum Tum's Facebook page.

Could it be that the Duchess of Cambridge, who since her marriage has been praised for her sense of style and beauty as well as her discretion and decorum, wished to conceal her talent as a writer, and that investigation will confirm that she is an accomplished author as well as an avid dog-lover?

Dynasty Press, who have gone as far as to confirm that the author does bear a ducal title and is well-known for her chic and style as well as her royal connections, is hoping that continued questions from the media will induce the true author of With Love From Pet Heaven to permit them to reveal her identity.

Enquiries to Dynasty Press can be addressed to Ailsa McAllister of Colbert McAllister Public Relations, or to the Dynasty Press website at

Dynasty Press is a boutique publisher specialising in royal and dynastic books including The Palace Diaries by (Prince Charles's former personal secretary) Sarah Goodall and Nicholas Monson; Lord of Love, a biography of the Marquess of Bath by Nesta Wyn Ellis (best-selling biographer of former PM Sir John Major); Weimar to Westminster, a memoir by former Tory MP and father of the renewable energy movement Peter Rost; and Silk Flowers Never Die by Stella Mazzucchelli, a searing memoir of a mother's account of coping with her son's schizophrenia while his young wife was dying of cancer.

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