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Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager.

The Interview With Leisga.

Unique Note: Leisha doesn't intend to be fully observed. Here is my summary of Leisha. She is little in stature. perhaps she is 5' 4". Leisha is somewhat on the slim side. She has significant brownish eyes. Leisha's skin looks frequent, she would certainly be considered a White. Leisha's hair is blondish brownish and I see there are a couple of parts of her hair that provides the look thinning and one ground of her head that offers the seek to have a little hairless area.

Concern: Leisha, so you claim you are a Gray Hybrid?

Answer: Yes, my mommy was abducted numerous times with from her home in Fresno. through DNA manipulation I am an off springtime of the grays and human beings.

Inquiry: Many hybrids opt for the Grays, why did you prevail on Earth?

Solution: I will certainly be among the hybrids that will certainly lead humanity right into a new age. I will help the human race go by ways of their shift from the Fourth world to the Fifth globe.

Concern: When does this happen?

Response: December 21, 2012.

Inquiry: So this is not the closing of the world?

Answer: No, that is the reason why the Grays have actually authorized mankind to discover the 1200 years of age mural in Guatemala. There will be drastic adjustments.

Inquiry: Is this a good thing, the modifications?

Solution: With adjustments, you have good and you have bad. The shroud will certainly open and the Gods will disclose themselves. You will find out that they aren't Gods, however beings from various other dimensions, other worlds. The universe is including life. Mankind as soon as had communication with these extraterrestrials, however a battle loomed with two warring intrigues of space beings. One faction wanted humanity to be overcome, oppressed or ruined. One more intrigue wanted humanity to survive their own and only little interactions with other extraterrestrials would certainly take place. The beings that really did not want to hinder the human race, intended to see exactly how mankind would certainly advance, would certainly increase. obviously humanity is failing on a permanent level. Treatment impends. Treatment takes place December 21, 2012.

Concern: Will there be disasters on December 21, 2012?

Solution: Yes, obviously, the extraterrestrials will check the removal. There will certainly be devastation on numerous degrees. There will certainly be deaths, however there will certainly be survivors. The survivors will experience the awakening. The survivors will transform one with their space beings household. The number 11 has a crucial function in the modification.

Question: Why 11? What type of disasters are you speaking about?

Response: I do not know the respond to those questions. Mankind's knowledge areas have a many levels of clearance, you could just inform my clearance is low adequate to understand the significant referral to 11 is, and just what disasters will take place.

Inquiry: Exactly who are the Grays?

Response: various extraterrestrials have developed in numerous various methods. a couple of humanoids that develop will certainly resemble Grays in the far future. a couple of Grays produce from other measurements, another world and a few are human beings of the future. There are warring intrigues of Grays. If someone is abducted by a Gray and one more individual is abducted by a Gray, it does not imply that both Grays are from the exact same race of Grays. a couple of Grays empathize with people, while other Grays see people as lowly pets and nothing more. The Grays that are humans from the future needless to say appreciate the human race.

Concern: You mean a couple of Grays are in fact us? They are time vacationers?

Response: Yes, they can enter into the past. They could only make note, they can not intervene or hinder mankind. They would certainly resemble ghosts in our truth, not being prepared to touch whatever, move whatever, conversate with anybody. They would certainly not have the ability to transform whatever. The past cannot be transformed. The human Grays can communicate with various other non-human Grays by ways of a dimensional frequency that does not modify the past timeline of humans.

Concern: Exists a God?

Answer: There is the Resource Factor that space beings are accustomed to. This source factor is incredibly powerful energy in our universe. needless to say there countless worlds.

Concern: A Multiverse?

Answer: That is a reputation for it. (Laughing). Yes, a Multiverse of types. as an example if you had the ability to travel to the closing of our universe, you would certainly stumble upon a huge space afterwards. Passing by ways of this gap, you would certainly uncover an additional universe and it would certainly go on and on like that.

Inquiry: There goes the massive Bang assumption. (Laughing).

Response: Funny you would certainly remark that. Did you know there was an universe before the massive Bang? The universe recycles itself inside out again.

Question: Regarding the Source Factor? This is God?

Solution: Resource Factor is believed to have actually been below before any type of life in deep spaces started. Source Factor is pure energy that is clever. It contains all of the understanding of all of deep spaces, of all life, of all records. If the Resource Factor was a computer, it would be the best desktop computer, since it includes all expertise. Every little thing is videotaped in deep spaces. Everything.

Inquiry: Do you ever before see senior Aliens?

Answer: Not certainly, since a few of these docudramas are rather off base.

Question: Do you suggest that the Sumerian Clay Tablets aren't real? That we weren't kick initiated by the Annunaki?

Answer: No, this is true. Space beings were here observing the birth of the Earth; they had lots of interactions with very early man. This is all true. But, a few points that are portrayed in these docudramas are standard guesses and concepts. periodically these assumptions are way off base.

Inquiry: Could you offer me one that is off-base.

Answer: Space beings really did not kill off the dinosaurs. If dinosaurs had actually survived, one of the varieties would have ended up being brilliant. The Annunaki would have been just as thankful making use of a dinosaur brilliant slave race through a humanoid slave race.

Question: fine, because I have you here, I am going to ask you all forms of inquiries. Is that penalty. Inquiries, I desire solution to.

Solution: Yes, proceed.

Question: Do we have spirits?

Answer: Yes, power lives on for life. Your body is bordered by energy. This energy includes all of the understanding of what you are, this energy is smart.

Question: Will we take a trip outside of our galaxy and analyze other worlds?

Response: Yes, yet not on your very own, you will be guided by the Audiences.

Inquiry: Just what are the Visitors?

Response: The ones that enjoy mankind. They will certainly interfere and bring the human race to the level of room traveling. Humanity is not going to discover this by themselves.

Inquiry: Were aliens when helped by other aliens to bring them in the direction of a level of area travel and checking out other worlds?

Solution: Yes, all space beings have been assisted at one item of time by various other space beings. No race of beings has ever before advanced to monumental degrees without the help from various other beings. The only knowledge that could have done this is the Resource Factor, however there is even controversy in regard to the Resource Point. It has actually been argued, that there was a Source Point prior to the Source Factor.

Concern: Is the Source Point the God for space beings?

Answer: No. The Resource Factor is solid power which contains all expertise of each and every one of deep spaces.

Concern: So the past exists? The Paul Dale Roberts of the 70s is yet dancing on the nightclub dance floor? There are various other measurements with other facts and beings?

Solution: Yes. A Multiverse as you call it.

Concern: Just what are the MIB?

Response: I don't have that solution. I am accustomed to this sensation and I assume it is related to some type of trickery from our Government. I believe it is disinformation from Government knowledge sources ahead to the witnesses appear like they are insane. i'm uncertain about MIBs, because the Grays never interact whatever about MIBs.

Concern: Cattle mutilations?

Response: I do not have that solution. I was never advised and I never ever requested. I do think Grays are involucred. perhaps it belongs to the DNA of the livestocks? i'm uncertain.

Concern: Plant Circles?

Solution: I don't have that answer either. Once I heard a Gray telepathically interacting with an additional Gray that an additional sort of extraterrestrial is attempting to connect with the human race by ways of crop circles.

Question: Are you came by the Grays?

Solution: Yes, I am called possibly when every 3 months. I become info here and there.

Inquiry: Are you afraid of the Grays?

Solution: No, I am part of them, there is nothing to fear. I are afraid human beings more than I are afraid Grays. There are numerous people that display wicked, that is the reason why there will certainly be a rout December 21, 2012. A much required tidy up.

Concern: Will the Grays do the removal?

Answer: a couple of will. The Grays are under another power of space beings. It is by the order of these other space beings that the clean-up will happen. Our Earth has actually been came by various selection of space beings, however only one race of extraterrestrials have actually created claim to Planet and any kind of extraterrestrials that have came by Planet, must go by ways of the extraterrestrials that have generated this case.

Inquiry: Who are these extraterrestrials that have generated this case?

Response: You call them the Annunaki. There will certainly be excellent battles in between numerous warring intrigues of extraterrestrials and the reward is Earth. Given that the future is earlier understood, the outcome will certainly be good for humanity. That is all I know about the future.

Question: Doe our government understand about extraterrestrials?

Answer: Yes. Your government is accustomed to the tidy up and are planning for it right now.

Concern: Do extraterrestrials have bases here in the world and close earths?

Answer: Yes, there are bases in your oceans, your deep lakes. There are bases on the moon, Venus, Mars. There are unnoticeable extraterrestrial space stations.

Question: Did we go to the Moon?

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