Cambridge companies missing out on extra publicity for their businesses

From: Fame Publicity Services
Published: Sat Apr 17 2010

Cambridge companies that issue regular press releases to newspapers, radio and TV about their successes and achievements are doing a sterling job in not only promoting their own businesses, but also in raising the profile of the Cambridge economy as a whole.

But if these companies are only issuing their press releases to the traditional media, they are missing the best trick in the book, and losing out on a valuable opportunity to gain additional national and international publicity for their company’s products or services.

So says Murdoch MacDonald, proprietor of public relations consultancy Fame Publicity Services and managing director of the Elite Cambridge Business Circle.

Murdoch argues that once press releases have been circulated to the traditional media like newspapers, radio and TV, they should then be given a second lease of life and published as widely as possible across the Internet.

Fame Publicity Services and the Elite Cambridge Business Circle have identified a dozen Internet newswire sites on which press releases can be published free of charge, plus another dozen or so bookmarking, business networking and social networking sites, sites to publish high resolution photographs accompanying press releases, and, of course Twitter.

Twitter’s maximum of 140 characters per tweet might seem a limiting factor, but it is the ideal length in which to accommodate a news headline plus a hyperlink back to the press release in full on a company’s website.

Murdoch comments: "The traditional media have always played a vital part in any PR and publicity campaign, and as far as I can see will always continue to do so.

"But in addition, Cambridge companies should enthusiastically embrace the use of the Internet for their press releases in order to gain maximum publicity for their news stories.

"There are three main reasons why.

"Firstly immediacy. Putting a press release on the right sites can get it published in Google News within 20 minutes of it being written.

"Secondly, on the Internet there is no editor. Press releases can be published in full and unabbreviated.

"And thirdly, everywhere it is published on the Internet it will contain a hyperlink to the company’s website, thus increasing visitor numbers and boosting its ranking on Google and other search engines."

Murdoch concludes: "Many Cambridge companies have started to use the Internet as part of their PR strategy, but it tends to be rather piecemeal.

"To gain maximum advantage, it should be done in a planned, structured and comprehensive way."

Norman Geddes is senior partner at Frazer Coogans Solicitors and executive chairman of the Elite Cambridge Business Circle. He says: "The Elite Cambridge Business Circle carries out this Internet PR function on behalf of its members as part of their membership subscription package, and many already appreciate the value of this service that the Circle provides.

"I would encourage Cambridge companies who do not yet belong to the Circle to consider joining this year in order to benefit from the extra competitive advantage that active membership will bring as the economic upturn gains momentum."

The Elite Cambridge Business Circle is an association of some of the top companies in Cambridgeshire.

Founded in 2009, the Elite Cambridge Business Circle celebrates and reports the wealth and rich diversity of entrepreneurial excellence and business innovation that abounds within the county boundaries of Cambridgeshire.

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