High Beam Shoes in Dallas Texas does what no one else has. Made a shoe that not only is cool, it has a purpose.

[UKPRwire, Wed Jan 13 2016] High Beam Shoes will launch a line of sneakers unlike any other in March 2016; each pair features a set of high powered headlights in front. The High Beam Shoes Fashion Sneakers come in various colors and styles. Available in designs for boys and girls aged 2-11, they include removable batteries and an on/off button located in the tongue of the shoe.

The high quality shoes are designed with safety in mind and available in six sizes. A star on the tongue of each shoe serves as an on/off button. Click once to turn on, and click again and the headlights start to blink. This adds safety while a child is walking, trick or treating, or riding their bicycle at night.

Styles include Black, Asprire, Graphic Pop, and Blues while there is also a boys’ basketball model. Girls’ models include a graphical white, pink, and purple shoe and a black and pink sneaker.

High Beam Shoes Fashion Sneakers are of premium quality and designed according to the latest fashion trends.

The sneakers will be available online via the High Beam Shoes website. Customers will be able to track their orders and create personal accounts on a secure electronic commerce system. Buyers can expect quality customer service and will have a 30 day money back guarantee available to them. In addition, they can compare products on the website or add ones to their wishlist.

Orders will be shipped via UPS generally within two days of payment. Shipping and handling and packing fees will be included.

For more information about the company and the High Beam Shoes Fashion Sneakers with headlights, learn more at http://highbeamshoes.com/.

About High Beam Shoes

High Beam Shoes is a division of Goodrich International, a products leader with over 30 years of experience. As with the company’s other products, the new line of kids’ sneakers with headlights represents the top quality and customer service people have come to expect. The innovative e-commerce company is based in Dallas, Texas.


Company: High Beam Shoes
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Contact Email: info@highbeamshoes.com
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