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From: Stone Masters
Published: Sun Aug 15 2010

A growing number of people have started to realise the very real benefits of having high quality kitchen worktops, such as granite worktops, compared to cheaper laminate alternatives. As the web's largest supplier of granite worktops and stone worktops for the kitchen, Stone Masters is pleased to offer up to a 30% discount for orders placed online compared to those prices found for the same granite worktops in the high street. With a transparent pricing structure, ten years' experience supplying stone worktops for the kitchen and savings of up to 30%, Stone Masters has quickly become the UK's most popular online supplier of high quality stone and granite worktops.

Granite worktops present several very significant advantages in the kitchen, including of course the visual appeal. As granite is a natural material no two worktops are ever identical, providing a unique work surface that has its own character. Granite is incredibly strong and very durable, which means that it's perfect for the worktop. Granite worktops are more than capable of coping with the wear and tear of a kitchen environment, including heavy pots and pans, scalding liquids, boiling casserole dishes, acidic juices, foods which stain and sharp knives. They are also a much healthier and safer alternative, because laminate worktops often peel, chip or crack, providing places for bacteria to grow and contaminate food.

With Stone Master's incredible offer of up to 30% savings on granite worktops compared to high street prices, and with their easy online quotation calculator and stone worktop selector, it's no wonder more people than ever are choosing to buy their granite worktops from Stone Masters.

For more information on Stone Masters or to find out about their special deals on granite worktop, visit http://www.stonemasters.co.uk/.

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Stone Masters is the UK's biggest online supplier of stone and granite worktops, offering up to 30% off all stone worktops compared to high street retail prices.

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