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With the launch of the latest James Bond film due at the end of this month (Quantum of Solace – 31st October), TheMovechannel.com, the leading international property portal looks at some of the places Bond has visited in his films and could consider investing.

[UKPRwire, Mon Oct 06 2008] With the launch of the latest James Bond film due at the end of this month (Quantum of Solace – 31st October), TheMovechannel.com, the leading international property portal looks at some of the places Bond has visited in his films and could consider investing.

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With his 007 status, James Bond travels around the world working for the British secret service, seducing beautiful women, dinning in fancy restaurants and staying in some of the most luxurious locations.

Of all the places where Bond has been, we’ve selected seven that we believe he would have secretly invested in, behind M’s back.

1. Paradise Island

The name speaks for itself, Island, Paradise Island… which is a stunning tropical island just off the shore of the city of Nassau in the Bahamas.

Formerly known as Hog Island (not quite the same ring to it), Paradise Island possesses stunning, sparkling white-sand beaches and breathtaking, warm turquoise blue waters.

The economy of the Bahamas is driven by tourism, international banking and real estate developments but there’s no income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and no sales tax with the exception of the Stamp Duty paid on the conveyance of properties.

Bond films, Thunderball (starring Sean Connery) and Casino Royale (Daniel Craig) both had scenes on this amazing island, but with 5 bedroom - 5 bathroom houses, selling in the region of 7 million pounds, only those with gold-fingers can afford to invest here.

2. Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital, as well as the commercial, cultural, political and population center of Thailand.

The city is a major economic and financial center of Southeast Asia and has one of the fastest quotients in the world for the construction of high rise buildings.

Distinctly modern and Westernised, Bangkok still has a sense of a sleepy Thai village at conflict with its louder, seedier side at night.

The Man with the Golden Gun (Roger Moore) and Tomorrow Never Dies (Pierce Brosnan) were both filmed in Bangkok and the property prices range from one beds going for a modest £80,000 (affordable, even on Miss Moneypenny’s salary) to a 3 bed, duplex penthouse, in a prime, downtown location, selling for a cool million.

3. Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, situated to the west of mainland Italy.

A popular tourist destination, especially for those looking to escape from the common touch, Sardinia is renowned for its soft sandy beaches, exquisite cuisine and splendid wines.

The northern part of Sardinia has the best infrastructure and some of the highest real estate prices on the island. The southern part of the island is not as developed as the north, and subsequently the properties there tend to be more affordable.

The Spy Who Loved Me (Moore) was shot in Porto Cervo in Sardinia and property prices on the island range from £35,000 for an old restoration townhouse in the south; to setting you back 5 million for a seven bedroom beach-front villa in the north.

4. Rio de Janeiro

Although Rio is the second major city in Brazil, after Sao Paulo, it is by far the most popular, with tourist flocking there to sample its lively nightlife, famous beaches (Copacabana & Ipanema), statue of Jesus and the Rio Carnival.

The currency exchange rate between Pounds Sterling and Brazilian Reais is exceptionally favourable at the moment making it cheap for foreigners to invest in property.

There is an emerging property market in Brazil and beachfront properties in Rio are by far the most popular investments with overseas buyers, who are looking for the best rental returns.

Moonraker (Moore) was filmed in Rio and as it’s still a developing market, bargains can be easily found with 2 bed houses in the region of £40,000.

5. Istanbul

Istanbul is the cultural and financial centre of Turkey and Europe’s most populous city.

The former capital of three empires – Byzantine, Ottoman and Roman, and the only metropolis in the world that’s situated on two continents - Europe and Asia, its different cultural history is evident in the extensive array of museums, churches, palaces, mosques and markets.

There are an estimated 700,000 new residents arriving in the city each year creating an immense demand for housing which has triggered an unprecedented building boom.

The World is Not Enough (Brosnan), was filmed in Istanbul and a mere £30,000 will secure you a studio apartment close to the centre of town.

6. St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is Russia’s second largest and Europe’s fourth largest city after Moscow, London and Paris.

The majestic appearance of St. Petersburg is achieved through a variety of architectural details including long, straight boulevards, spacious gardens and parks, monuments, sculptures and decorative wrought-iron fences. The Neva River, plus its many canals and bridges gives the city a unique and striking ambience.

The recent increase in demand for real estate has been fuelled in part by the increased availability of mortgage finance in Russia and it means that more buyers than ever are entering the property market.

Golden Eye (Brosnan) had a tank chase scene in St. Petersburg where the annual house price growth is running, staggeringly, at above 90%, and the average cost of property is around £1,700 per square metre. (Source: Global Property Guide)

7. Prague

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Situated on the River Vltava in central Bohemia, Prague has been the political, cultural, and economic center of the Czech state for over 1,100 years.

Known as a popular weekend destination, Prague receives over 3 million visitors per year and offers the contrasts of the past with its bridges, cathedrals, gold-tipped towers and church domes, and that of a modern metropolis full of energy, music, and art.

Mortgage financing is freely available to both Czech nationals and foreign investors, and up to 85% loan to value is possible. Mortgage interest rates, following a decline previously, rose through 2007 and into 2008, in line with the general rate increases in other EU countries.

Casino Royale (Craig) had scenes filmed in Prague where it’s possible to obtain a one bed apartment for about £50,000.

Dan Johnson, Managing Director, comments:
So a wonderful selection of locations that any undercover agent would be proud to invest in while sipping on a Martini, cleaning his Walther PPK gun and waiting for the next intriguing mission.

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