America, a Top Real Estate Market for UK Investors

From: US Invest
Published: Tue Apr 15 2014

US Invest is proud to launch in the UK its popular Real Estate Investment Educational Series, named the Inside Scoop.

During the series premiering on April 17, Lachlan McPherson, Chief Investment Analyst at US Invest will give his insight on many critical Real Estate investment topics such as the 2014 Top Property Investment Trends, why America is a Top Real Estate market, 4 main pitfalls 95% of investors stumble over and how to avoid them, and many more.

"The Inside Scoop series has been very popular in the US and we are excited to now offer it to UK investors," says Chief Investment Analyst, Lachlan McPherson. "The US right now is very much focused on economic growth and UK investors can benefit from abundant US Real Estate opportunities in selected, targeted US markets," continues McPherson.

The next Inside Scoop Webinar will take place on Thursday April 17, 2014 at 7PM (London Time) and will cover the following topics:
•The Top 2014 Property Investment Trends and how you can take advantage of them
•The one investment that may prove safer than keeping your money in the bank, yet double your returns
•The best US areas to invest, providing higher returns than in the UK

This Inside Scoop Webinar is complimentary for new UK investors and is being offered as an educational event for the first time in 2014. Limited spaces are available at

2014 Property Investment Trends in the UK
Home prices for first-time buyers are rising much faster than average wages in the UK. With average home prices surging, pushing homes further out of reach, and the british pound being such a strong currency, more and more UK buyers are looking to invest in bricks and mortar abroad. The US market, which still sees in certain areas prices as low as in the 1990s, is a strong property market right now for UK investors.

US Invest Helps Thousands of UK and International Investors
US Invest provides UK and international Investors with all the tools they need to successfully invest in top US real estate markets such as Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Kansas, Florida, and Tennessee. US Invest offers a broad range of property investment services from education to US investor tours, acquisition, financing, property management, and more.

US Invest has helped thousands of first time and seasoned investors buy the best investment properties in America since 2008. US Invest is based in America with a global presence in the US, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. We strive to help our clients build up a profitable property portfolio to ensure financial freedom for the years to come.

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