Brits are financially fat according to National Homebuyers

New research shows that almost half of Britons are struggling with financial difficulties.

[UKPRwire, Thu Mar 20 2008] Lloyds TSB has published its Bank Mass Index, in which it rates people's finances in terms of weight.

The bank claims that 46 per cent of Britons are financially overweight, meaning they have much more debt than they do savings.

Further to this, 12 per cent are financially obese, meaning they are in real financial difficulties and are over reliant on debt to fund their everyday lives.

Ian Larkin from Lloyds TSB said that people need to face up to their finances.

"Our physical health is something that the nation is taking increasingly seriously. Most of us know our Body Mass Index, but our financial health seems to be less of a priority and often people have misapprehensions about the real state of their money," he commented.

"The Lloyds TSB Bank Mass Index is a great wake up call for people who might have been neglecting their financial affairs - helping to put them on the right track. There has never been a better time to get Britain financially fit," he added.

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