UK top property portal website Rightmove teams up with Japanese company

[UKPRwire, Tue Mar 20 2018] Beyond Borders Co., Ltd. (CEO Tadayoshi Endo, located in Shinjuku, Tokyo) who manages overseas real estate portal site “SEKAI PROPERTY” made a business tie-up with “Rightmove PLC” who runs the UK’s number one property website “Rightmove,” in order to expand sales channels of Japanese real estate to foreign buyers.

Purpose of business alliance
The overseas real estate portal site based in Tokyo, SEKAI PROPERTY, is aiming to expand overseas sales of Japanese real estate to foreign buyers in the platform business.

Meanwhile, Rightmove, the largest real estate platform in the UK based in London, aims to increase the number of oversea properties featured on their website in order to introduce overseas real estate to UK users.

We have made a business tie-up for further growth of the business, as our needs coincided.

Business alliance scheme
Property portal site Rightmove, managed by Rightmove PLC, will create a new category of Japanese real estate and feature Japanese domestic properties handled by SEKAI PROPERTY.

This will allow Rightmove to increase the number of properties featured on the portal site, and SEKAI PROPERTY will be able to enhance user acquisition from the UK.

About Rightmove
Rightmove was established in 2000 as a joint venture of four major local real estate advertising agencies, and listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2006. Rightmove’s sales in 2016 was about 31.6 billion yen, and annual traffic is 11.7 billion. Rightmove features properties in over 30 countries including Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and in the UK.

“SEKAI PROPERTY” is a real estate portal site that connects real estate sellers and buyers across countries. We introduce overseas real estate to Japanese users, and Japanese domestic real estate to foreign users.

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