ConservatoryLand See New Building Regulation Proposals Increase Sales of DIY Conservatories

More consumers are rushing to buy their DIY conservatories than ever before according to specialist manufacturer Conservatory Land.

[UKPRwire, Wed Sep 30 2009] David Bingham, Director of Conservatory Land, says “From the feedback we are currently receiving, the increase in sales of our DIY conservatories is down to one major factor; the proposed new building regulations that are on the agenda for 2010.”

If implemented, the new government proposals will mean that all conservatories, no matter what size or shape will have to meet current building regulations and be treated in exactly the same way as a traditional brick built extension.

To comply with the new regulations, all conservatories will need to be glazed with Low E glass in order to meet the same energy efficiency requirements as windows and doors have done for the past seven years or so. Further to this, deeper foundations and additional insulation in the base will also become compulsory.

David Bingham continues “We are experiencing a substantial uplift in conservatory sales, particularly with our national sales of DIY conservatories. We are also seeing a vast increase in customers that have already placed an order for a conservatory previously, contacting us to bring their deliveries forward so that they will have plenty of time to complete their projects before the new regulations come in to force.”

The new regulations are likely to increase the cost for consumers adding conservatories to their homes by an average of around £600 - £700 due to the additional cost of the required standards, i.e. Low E insulating double glazed units, additional base insulation, increased labour costs for digging deeper foundations and of course the cost of putting their projects through their local building control department.

David Bingham adds “In the interest of energy conservation and the environment, I agree that the new proposals are necessary and another positive step forward in the government’s continuing plan to improve energy efficiency in our homes. Understandably however, many of our customers are bringing their conservatory projects forward to avoid the associated additional costs that will be involved.”

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