If You Are On The Verge Of Being Repossessed, Equity Fast Can Buy Your Home For Cash Now

From: Equity Fast
Published: Thu Mar 25 2010

With the credit crunch hitting many people’s incomes across the country, the threat of repossession has never been greater. If you are on the verge of losing your home and need to sell your house quickly, leading property specialists Equity Fast can help you save your home buy offering cash and quickly!

Equity Fast (http://www.equityfast.co.uk) are a quick house and land buyer with access to substantial funds and over a decade of experience in fast property purchases. If you are looking for a quick sale they can help buy your house or land for cash, meaning you can avoid repossession, but only if you act quickly, just like they will.

Everything is treated in the strictest confidence, as they know how disturbing the threat of repossession can be.

They understand that each property seller has their own reasons for selling their home and our requirements are practically unlimited. They buy houses, flats and apartments for cash both new and old, in any condition and in any area, as well as land with or without planning consent. No matter how old your house is or what state it might be in, Equity Fast will consider all enquiries and offer you a response with in hours of your first phone call, as acting fast in these circumstances it vital for the people concerned.

They specialise in quick house sales for cash, so there may be no reason for you to invest in a HIP (Home Information Pack). But if for whatever reason you need one - they will also pay for it, helping you to sell your home and relieve the stress of the threat of repossession.

There are also many other reasons why you may wish to sell your home, but whatever the reason Equity Fast has a solution to suit you. They are completely sensitive to your circumstances and we work within your timescale and propose an offer to meet your needs.

There are no hidden clauses or costs, the price they offer is the price you get.

So, if you are on the verge of repossession, need to sell your home quickly or simply need to sell your house for cash, one phone call to Equity Fast can solve all of your needs, with trained and experienced staff there to help every step of the way. All calls and cases are treated with complete confidence and their staff are all trained to make sure your case is handled specifically to help your needs.

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