Independent Property Company Seeks Haunted Houses To Buy

From: Sell Today
Published: Tue Feb 09 2010

Time was that haunted houses would stand abandoned for years, owners would have problems selling because of the midnight wails of headless Lords and white ladies walking the corridors. But thanks to the success of shows like Living TV's Most Haunted and Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns, there is a growing market of house buyers who would like to own their own haunted house.

According to a 2005 survey by the Portman Building Society (now part of Nationwide), one third of those questioned said that they had lived in a house that they believed was haunted. That's an awful lot of ghost houses out there.

And many sellers have found that they have been unable to sell because of a "presence" in their home.

"We moved into a terraced house in Charlton, South London in 1980," says Sell Today client Mrs B, now of Taunton in Cornwall. "Almost from the day that we moved in we would hear somebody moving around in the loft early in the morning. We'd smell pipe tobacco really strongly though my husband and I were both non smokers as were the neighbours on either side. At night when we were sitting watching TV you could almost sense that there was somebody else in the room with us.
"We asked around and there had apparently been an man who used to live in the house who killed himself after his son was killed in the Korean War. He was a pipe smoker according to neighbours.
"It never really bothered us until a few years ago when we decided to sell. Suddenly it was as if we had angered the ghost. Things would fall off shelves. The power would fail. Light bulbs would suddenly get bright then dim then they would pop.
"We just couldn't sell the place. One woman was very interested but when she came to look around she said that the place suddenly grew extremely cold and she could smell something really foul. Another buyer was a doctor and he said that he couldn't but the house because he could feel something malicious here."

Sell Today bought Mr & Mrs B's house after it had been on the books of a local estate agents for a year. The couple were desperate to sell and free up equity to put down a deposit on their retirement dream home in the west country.

"After buying the property, we had one buyer lined up who wanted to live in a haunted house," says Sell Today MD Celia Steward. "Unfortunately after visiting the property she was very disturbed by a presence that she sensed didn't want her there. Eventually we were able to call upon the services of an exorcist, a chap called Joe who had been an Anglican priest and had studied with a Hopi shaman. He performed a cleansing ritual that seemed to pacify whatever was in the house. Our client bought the house and lives there very happily to this day."

We at independent property company Sell Today understand the plight of owners who have been unable to sell their homes because it is haunted. That's why we are actively looking for haunted houses throughout Britain because we always have lots of buyers. And we can also call on the services of psychic investigators, 'ghost whisperers' and exorcists if it's a ghost that won't behave.

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