Overseas property investment foresees incredible increase

Latest research regarding financial investment proves that the rewarding overseas property market certainly is enticing more and more investors to its alluring and ultimately unrivalled yields.

[UKPRwire, Tue Feb 12 2008] In light of the recently released figures, the global property market is currently expected to see an astonishing 13% annual increase over the coming 5 years. Itís also said that the market could potentially double in this short time. Overseas property investment specialist David Stanley Redfern explains why heís not at all surprised by the news:

ďThe global property arena is constantly expanding, offering potential investors new and unbeatable opportunities throughout the marketplace. The fantastic returns offered are no longer secret or confined to professional buyers, so itís something of a natural progression for such a profitable area of investment to attract everyday people looking to change their financially challenged lifestylesĒ.

Around 4 million Brits now own overseas property outright, with over a quarter of those actually residing abroad. This illustrates just how many of those investors are simply reaping their just rewards from the rental returns of their second property amidst a market thatís now valued around an astounding £45 billion. Itís thought that its massive appreciation has been reinforced by the number of younger investors looking to generate extra income so as to afford UK property. Around 70% of investors get involved simply to improve everyday lives, leaving the remainder to appreciate their holiday homes with more recreational usage.

Emphasis has been placed on the particularly attractive and profitable emerging markets found in the Black Sea region, Asia and the Americas. European countries like Croatia, Montenegro and the Ukraine, Asian countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand and American countries such as Brazil, Panama and even Canada are rapidly increasing in value and popularity. Long time heavyweights like the Canary Islands or perhaps Germany still host great opportunities too of course, though the international investors focus has noticeably shifted to what were once considered as more exotic locations.

Itís a fact that the key element preventing people from attaining financial freedom through overseas property investment is simply fear of the unknown. Contact David Stanley Redfern Ltd for an non-obligatory chat about the unsurpassable rewards of overseas property investment and the many services and considerate assistance openly available to both first time or experienced investors alike.

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