The novel way to meet a flatmate in New York, Shanghai, Wellington…oh, and London and Manchester!

Speed Flatmating, the original flatmate finding evening, returns to London.

[UKPRwire, Thu Jul 24 2008] The novel way to meet a flatmate in New York, Shanghai, Wellington…oh, and London and Manchester!

Back in 2004 Gemma Craft, who works for leading flatshare site, had a brainwave. “All the flatmate finding adverts on SpareRoom were advertising rooms”, says Craft “when, in reality, the people you’ll live with are just as important (if not more so)”. So Speed Flatmating was born. Speed Flatmating, which allows people to meet several potential flatmates in one relaxed, sociable evening, was described by The Independent as the “light at the end of the flat hunting tunnel”.

After London it seemed logical to expand to other cities so Speed Roommating, Manhattan quickly followed. “In early 2005 SpareRoom really took off” Gemma remembers. “User figures were doubling year on year (we’re now well over the ¾ of a million mark) and the Speed Flatmating events fell by the wayside for a couple of years. Since then similar events have sprung up in New Zealand, London and Shanghai, amongst other places. We figure imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but now’s the time for us to bring back the original and best!”

Case study
Freya Davison found a flatmate through Speed Flatmating in 2004. “I was curious to see if it would be an easier way to find a room as I was a bit overwhelmed trying to find time to organize viewings” she remembers. “I went along to the event in Tooting, it was held in a bar which was great as it was on neutral ground (rather than someone's house, which can seem a bit like going to a job interview!). I spent a few minutes with about 10 or 11 people with rooms to let and was able to quickly work out the ones that I was interested in going to view, asking questions about price, location, local amenities and so on - it certainly saved me a lot of time. I set up a room viewing with the person I got on best with and loved it immediately; it was a really effective and enjoyable process with a great end result!”


Editors’ notes

The next Speed Flatmating events will be held in London on August 14th and Manchester on August 7th.

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